Friday, July 2, 2010

Call a cab - it's not that hard, even if you're drunk

It amazes me when successful people get DUIs. I understand how some 22 year old with six beers in him thinks he won't get pulled over between Archer Road/Five Points and his apartment so he doesn't want to deal with getting a cab. When you're in a six figure job that revolves around your personal credibility, you can't allow yourself to think that way. Georgia AD Damon Evans didn't pay attention to his own PSA, and after getting busted for a late night DUI with a 28 year old who's not his wife in the car with him Evans might lose his job as a result. Georgia has been extremely aggressive about increasing its penalties for players with alcohol issues, which makes Evans failure to drink responsibly even more mystifying. Losing a half million dollar job to save cab fare is pretty stupid - only the three day weekend might be capable of cooling the story down enough for Evans to survive. If the UGA gig opens, it will be fascinating to see who they target for the post.

USC football began its appeal to the NCAA of the penalties which have nuked the future of their program by leaking supposed inaccuracies in the report to the Rivals website which covers their program. A great deal of time was spent on the idea that running backs coach Todd McNair didn't actually know what was going on with Reggie Bush. They even claim the photo of him partying with the two wannabe agents might be faked somehow. So if that's their argument, why did USC fire McNair yesterday? Lane Kiffin clearly wanted to keep him as a part of the staff when he came in, he's supposedly been framed by the NCAA and is actually innocent as the day is long - so what's the problem?

It wasn't stunning news that former NFL and college head coach Don Coryell died at the age of 85 yesterday. It had been known for some time that he was ill. What does amaze me is that even with that knowledge voters still did not put him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Coryell was a terrific offensive coach, one who was way ahead of his time with the design of his passing attack. Just because the Chargers never broke through and went to the Super Bowl under his coaching doesn't mean he wasn't a gigantic influence on the league. Those teams with Dan Fouts and company were a blast to watch. I'm sure eventually Coryell will be inducted in Canton - it's a shame that he won't be around to see it happen.

All the NBA free agent talk has been more heat than light to this point, but that doesn't mean nothing noteworthy's happening. The Nets put up a billboard featuring their new billionaire Russian owner and Jay-Z right across from New York's Madison Square Garden. James Dolan, the embarrassingly inept owner of the Knicks, reportedly called the 227 foot billboard "intimidating to my employees". So to review: Isaiah Thomas sexually harassing employees and explaining why it's ok for black men to call black women bitches, Stephon Marbury taking interns out to his truck for encounters, and wholesale use of the Knicks and Rangers dancers as a staff dating service - not intimidating. Billboard with rapper - intimidating. Glad we could clear that up. David Lee's the only good thing that organization has - hopefully they'll lose him too. Hope you enjoy your three day weekend. I'm certainly going to enjoy relaxing and catching up to my sleep. See you back here Tuesday.

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hugstorecowboy said...

Heath great blog! I could not agree more about Coryell or the Knicks. I loved watching Fouts run the air Coryell system. The team with the ball last always seemed to win whenever the Chargers played. Maybe you can ask Steve what influence that system had on Spurrier and his fun and gun and offensive philosophy.