Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fools rush in

Tennessee's football fans are feeling good today because they landed an alleged savior for their program: much discussed running back Bryce Brown. A friend of mine who was in Knoxville this weekend covering spring practice saw Brown there on his "unofficial visit" and noticed a few things that made his eyebrows raise. Tennessee's compliance department is going to have to work overtime on this kid, and I guaruntee you the media's going to look into every nook and cranny of his recruitment. Maybe everything involving the signing's pure as the driven snow - Lane Kiffin better know it is or he's really asking for trouble here. It's interesting that his mentor Pete Carroll said thanks but no thanks despite the obvious talent.

I'm amazed that athletes who've worked their entire lives to reach the brink of a pro career find ways to screw things up for themselves, but it's happening again. Last week it was Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith showing up totally out of shape for his pro day workout after he damaged his stock with bizarre behavior at the NFL Combine. Now P.J. Hill, former star running back for Wisconsin, gets a second DUI as part of a four charge night on the town. When people think of what agents do, they always imagine them neogtiating contracts. That's the easy part. Stopping trainwrecks like this from happening when many of your clients are immature and ultra-entitled is where those guys actually earn their money.

The college basketball coaching job search market was already open thanks to Alabama and Georgia whacking their coaches during the year, but now it gets serious. Virginia gave Dave Leitao the boot yesterday, and there will be many more. As for Alabama, virtually everyone expects them to make a run at former UAB/current Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson, with Oliver Purnell and Anthony Grant's names coming up as well. It's going to be at least another week before Anderson is free. So why is Miami's Frank Haith apparently doing everything short of purchasing billboards in Tuscaloosa to say he wants the job? He's not going to get it, and he could really tick off the Miami fans if he keeps this up. Last year he was trying to get South Carolina, and they weren't interested either.

It's being reported that Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire is in the running to be a Bond girl for the next movie in the series. I'm sure she's looking at more challenging parts to play as well, but this is an outstanding idea. I wasn't as awestruck by Slumdog as some people seem to be - my vote for Best Picture would have been Frost/Nixon - but Pinto's a stunner who has future star written all over her. If she was a stock, I'd definitely buy it. Newspaper stocks, on the other hand, no. The latest dead tree edition to go away is the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as of this morning. Many more will follow, which is a shame.

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