Monday, March 9, 2009

The knucklehead postulate is proven right again

Florida did what they had to against Kentucky Saturday, but this team still just isn't playing very well. When the Wildcats are turning the ball over like it's their job and the UK coach tells their best offensive weapon not to shoot in the second half, you should wreck them instead of winning by seven. I continue to believe UF can get in the NCAA field by winning against Arkansas and Auburn, which is doable. They will likely lose in the first round, but there would be value in making it in. Do you realize no Billy Donovan coached team has ever been anything lower than a six seed in the tournament? The bubble is a new place for him.

Few stories in Gainesville the past decade have been as vile as Jamar Hornsby's arrest for using the gas card of his teammate's late girlfriend to ring up bills for months after her death. Urban Meyer instantly and correctly kicked multiple time troublemaker Hornsby off the team. Hornsby also wasn't a very good player, which is why I was stunend to see schools lining up to sign him out of junior college this year. Ole Miss was the big winner, and here's their prize: Hornsby arrested again for theft and aggravated assault. Lie down with dogs, Houston Nutt, and you get fleas. Since Nutt signed 37 guys this year (for real) and only can get 25 into school, I'm guessing he'll cope with the loss alright.

FSU's penalties for their academic fraud case turned out to be rather tame, with no sports losing more than a couple of scholarships. The posibility of haing to forfeit games for using an ineligible player has some people in a tizzy, since that would cost Bobby Bowden any shot at catching Joe Paterno in their alltime wins death match. Since Bobby's wins at Samford shouldn't be counted in the first place unless they want to acknowledge Eddie Robinson as having won more than both guys, I don't find that complaint too compelling. If FSU trades more scholarship reductions for no wins being sacrificed, that would be stupid on their part.

Speaking of stupid, a Tallahassee television station is pitching a public tantrum about the FSU sports information office threatening their press credentials for contacting quarterback Christian Ponder without permission. There are rules set by schools for contacting their student athletes. If you don't abide by them, you may pay a penalty for it. Putting out juvenile rhetoric about FSU athletes being "not allowed the basic right of freedom of speech" makes it sound like WCTV is run by high schoolers. Furthermore, should there be a controversy involving WCTV, do they intend on letting any and all of their employees speak their mind about it freely in public? Of course not, which makes this tantrum even more hypocritical and unprofessional.

ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd has cultivated an image for himself as national radio's "college football guy". While Colin does legitimately pay more attention to the sport than most hosts, some of his analysis is breathtakingly shallow. And now, since he thinks he can make it big in New York being on from noon to 2, all us college football loving yokels can go jump in a lake. From Newsday...

"We'll ramp up our baseball coverage to a higher degree and not waste much time on college football in New York," Cowherd said. How might the rest of the country feel about that? "They don't have the influence on my revenue and ratings that New York and Los Angeles do," he said.

So, just to be clear, if you're not in New York or L.A. Colin doesn't care whether you like his show or not. That's his right, of course, but saying it publicly is pretty dumb. The funny part is the show will fail miserably in New York this time just as it did before, because New York people want local sports talk rather than a national guy pretending to be local.

Not to go on a huge announcer kick today, but I think it's great that the NCAA tournament is coming up and I won't hear Billy Packer do a single game of it or grumble about the selection committee putting teams like George Mason in that can't be any good because he's never seen them. But the exiled CBS curmudgeon has resurfaced, with plans to do five shows for Fox Sports Net originating from Wynn Las Vegas starting Sunday. Packer says the show will be the "most informed" on TV. He also says the show will not do brackets, is not about gambling, and notes that he refuses to use a computer or cel phone. A show from a Vegas casino that won't go over matchups or make picks, hosted by a guy who will know only what he can read in a newspaper or has seen in person. Yep, sounds like the "most informed" to me.

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