Monday, April 6, 2009

Patterson's favorite NBA player: Cornbread Maxwell

A couple of emailers wondered why I didn't write anything about the report last week that Percy Harvin tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine. The reason is simple: I'd never heard of in my life before that report got publicity. I don't know who's behind the site or how credible it is, but based on what the NFL and others have said since the report came out, I have substantial doubts. Pete Carroll has proclaimed that both his players named by the site have been inaccurately accused. Ron Zook says the same about his cornerback Vontae Davis. The NFL, meanwhile, says no one even knows the results yet. Does any of this mean Harvin didn't test positive? Not necessarily - but I see no reason to assume he did unless someone more credible than a random website reports it to be the case.

The hot name being tossed around for the Memphis job that's open right now is inexplicably FSU's Leonard Hamilton. You can tell a school is getting desperate to hire someone people have at least heard of when they start talking about a guy in his sixties with just four NCAA appearances in his career. I'm not sure whether Florida would be happy to see Hamilton go or not. He does lure talented players, but shows little ability to do much with them. No way to know who FSU AD Randy Spetman would look to hire should Hamilton bolt, and his work at Air Force and Utah State prior to arriving in Tallahassee didn't provide connections to many hoops masterminds. How this plays out will will be interesting.

FSU held their spring game over the weekend. I don't know whether receiver Rod Owens went out partying to celebrate or not, but he picked up a DUI charge at 4:30 in the morning. With Miami as the opener, if Owens is disciplined at all that's another chunk missing from a receiver group that's lost Preston Parker already and has Taiwan Easterling trying to make it back from a ruptured Achilles. As far as anyone knows Corey Surrency won't be back, and they're counting on multi-time screwup Bert Reed keeping out of trouble this summer. Could be another rough year for the rebuilding project in Tallahassee.

Patrick Patterson has a decision to make about whether to return to UK or not. If I was John Calipari, I would begin my effort to convince him to stay by promising UK will serve cornbread with every meal. I say this because Patterson spoke with Sporting News Today for a profile in their Saturday edition and was asked his favorite meal, which included cornbread. Patterson's greatest love: "my mother and cornbread". The next question is his heroes: "My mother and father". Patterson's dad must be thrilled - I love you pop, but not as much as cornbread.

I've mentioned before that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs to stop inducting people for a few years, because they're running out of good candidates to put in. TIME Magazine disagrees, and submits their list of the ten biggest snubs. I think they're making my point for me. Some of these you can argue about - yes, Kiss should be in if we're calling it a Hall of Fame as opposed to a Hall of Great Music. Genesis belongs too. But Pat Benatar? Cheap Trick? Why don't we just put every band with four hits in and annex the entire city of Cleveland for the building? And Warren Zevon, who actually does belong, isn't even on TIME's list. Stick to politics, guys.

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