Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slow sports day today

I'm mystified by Les Miles. He's a mediocre at best game coach who was given a gold mine in LSU and has managed not to screw it up too badly. Despite that, he has a remarkable knack for doing things which make you wonder what he could possibly have been thinking. Saying he'll be twittering messages doing pregame and halftime of games is the latest example. I'm all for utilizing new ways of communication, but even if Miles has someone write the posts in his name what could they possibly say and how would it help anything? Do recruits really want coaches who send messages at halftime? What kind of selling point is that? Despite the general buffoonery of Miles, LSU is number thirteen in's post pring football poll.

I want to extend hearty congratulations to Trev Alberts, the new athletic director of Nebraska Omaha. This is wonderful news, because it means Trev will no longer be on TV or the web expressing opinions in any capacity. Even in his much less visible recent role as an analyst on CBS College Sports TV, he still had a knack for taking stances so ridiculous that I'd hear about them. An egomaniacal Trev lost his ESPN job thanks to refusing to show up for work because he didn't want to have to share any airtime with the Gameday guys. His opinions would shift with the breeze, sometimes in the very same day. Never met the guy, and he may be a wonderful family man and human being. As a commentator though, Trev was college football's Stephen A. Smith - polarizing, irritating, and rarely entertaining. Word is he may be using this job as training wheels before moving up to his alma mater Nebraska once Tom Osborne thinks he's ready.

What some people believe to be the ugliest uniforms in sports history are about to return from the grave. Denver burned their original gear rather than keep wearing them for a third season. Sure the Broncos may not have a QB, but I'm sure the charm of wearing vertical striped socks is really being undersold. The Nuggets rainbow jersies were memorably garish, but they looked awesome compared to these getups.

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