Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being a loser is still an identity

Raheem Morris says the Bucs need to reduce rookie quarterback Josh Freeman's workload as a result of him throwing eight interceptions in the past two games. There's also lots of talk about the need for the offense to establish an identity. They HAVE established an identity: they're a terrible football team coached by a guy who's so over his head in the lead role that he fired both his coordinators before completing two thirds of his first season in the job. If you're Morris and you chose to start a rookie QB who was known for making bad decisions against Big 12 defenses, what other outcome could you possibly have expected going against NFL schemes once they had a little tape on what you were doing with the kid?

The Big Ten has now officially announced it will look seriously at expansion over the next 12 to 18 months. I've always believed the most logical team outside of Notre Dame for them to add is Missouri. It would enhance the Big Ten's TV appeal in St. Louis and Kansas City and add another state U with quality academics to the mix. Missouri appears to agree with me, as they issued the statement equivalent of "call me!" One commenter from yesterday took issue with me saying Mizzou's departure would destabilize the Big 12. Make no mistake, if they leave they have to be replaced by someone at least as good. Unlike the Big Ten, which doesn't have to add someone to maintain its current revenue levels, the Big 12 would not be coming from a position of strength. Saying "add TCU" doesn't account for the Horned Frogs having sold out just two games in their 44 thousand seat stadium in the past quarter century. The Big 12 would try to come after Arkansas, but I can't see the Razorbacks walking away from the SEC cash cow at this point. The domino effect from whatever the Big Ten does will be fascinating.

The creep who videotaped Erin Andrews pled guilty yesterday in a Los Angeles courtroom and will get at least a couple of years behind bars. To her credit, Erin went to the courtroom and faced the guy down. I'm sure now that it's been made abundantly clear that she had nothing to do with this situation, all the clueless clowns who accused her of being involved because there wasn't an arrest within a couple of weeks will acknowledge their stupidity. Maybe Christine Brennan just hasn't had time to write about it either.

Newspapers continue to wrestle with ways to survive given the current technology and economic trends that have wrecked their longtime business model. I take no pleasure in that, but it's a reality. The Miami Herald has now taken a new step to try and generate revenue - it's put the equivalent of a tip jar on its site to try and make money from web viewers. I completely understand if they need to charge a subscription fee. Content is being generated, and a lot of people are getting paid to do it. I've never understood why papers opted to make everything online free to begin with. This idea just makes me sad though. A paper like the Herald shouldn't be in the same category as the guy playing violin on the subway hoping someone drops a quarter or two in his case.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seriously needs to take a few years off from inducting anyone. I've mentioned this before, and yesterday's announcement of this year's inductees only confirms it further. Genesis is worthy of being in, but if that's the best you've got then you don't have enough to merit yearly voting. Maybe every three years they should induct some new artists. Meanwhile, regardless of what you think of their music (and I'm not a huge fan) there is no way Kiss is not more "Hall of Fame" worthy than the Hollies.

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