Monday, December 21, 2009

Sam Houston State used to be the Sam Houston Institute of Technology - good call on the name change

Florida basketball's loss to Richmond was disappointing but not disastrous. The Spiders will be an NCAA contender out of the Atlantic 10, and the game will count as neutral court for RPI purposes. For the SEC as a whole though, this was an incredibly damaging weekend for conference credibility. South Carolina lost at Wofford. Tennessee was shredded by USC, and Alabama lost in Mobile to Kansas State by 13. Auburn didn't just lose to Sam Houston State, they got worked over by 18! Kentucky being undefeated and ultrahyped is going to help the league this year, but these kind of performances are going to chip away at that credibility. Other than UF, it's hard to point to anyone who could be described as exceeding expectations so far.

Cincinnati's already ridiculous situation heading into the Sugar Bowl got even more disjointed over the weekend. Buffalo hired Bearcats OC Jeff Quinn as their new coach. The Bearcats were coached by Brian Kelly, who's now gone to Notre Dame, all season. He'll be taking about half the Cincy staff with him, although no one's acknowledging that yet, meaning those guys have divided attention. Kelly's replacement, Butch Jones, has been hired but will not coach in the bowl game. Now the guy who's supposed to be trying to finish the job Kelly started has his own program to worry about. If Florida can't take advantage of this set of circumstances, something's wrong.

When Joe McKnight signed with USC, he was touted as the "next Reggie Bush". Just as he has been less effective than Bush on the field, McKnight has now proven to be less adept at concealing potential NCAA violations off it than Bush as well. The L.A. Times exposed the details on McKnight driving an SUV registered to a Santa Monica businessman who has also registered the domain name That prompted the SUV's owner to write an extraordinary email claiming there's nothing fishy about any of this, while also referring to turning nuclear waste into metals. Pete Carroll's paradise is crumbling, and looking at the quality of some of the returning Pac Ten talent it's far from certain that the Trojans will race back to the top of the conference next season.

Want to get a feel for how the mindset of a pro athlete can be radically different from a typical person's? Check out former Green Bay Packer and FSU star Leroy Butler's take on the Tiger Woods situation, as detailed on his Twitter feed...

"okay,this tiger thing is starting to get under my skin,these,(tricks) easy women knew he was married,so i can care less how they feel the only one i care about is his wife,but i think this was a set up from day one,the tour players,hook him up with a babysitter, they cant beat him so they try to bring him down,they know,his weakness,and its not golf,its women,in comes jasper,"dude hook him up"

That's right, Tiger was fooling around with a dozen or more women behind his wife's back not because he's a cheater but rather because the pro golfers conspired to get him married in the first place. If Parenvik doesn't introduce him to Elin (and aparently subliminally command him to ask her to marry him), then Tiger wouldn't have a wife to cheat on! You and I didn't pick up on such an obvious explanation, because we're not pro athletes.

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