Thursday, October 28, 2010

LaMont gets crazy if he misses DVRing Cake Boss

Two days prior to the Florida-Georgia game, Mark Richt isn't sure who will be starting at tailback for his Bulldogs. Washaun Ealey wouldn't have been able to be full strength if yesterday was gameday, and Caleb King's coming back from a two game suspension. I assume the Bulldogs will look to use their big receivers A.J. Green and Kris Durham to attack UF's secondary considering the difficulties they had with Terrence Tolliver, but with a freshman at QB they're still going to need to be able to run well enough to keep heat off of him. I'm hearing a lot of things out of Gainesville right now, and it's decidedly a mixed bag as to what they mean. One thing I am fairly sure of is that fans expecting some kind of 2005 restructuring of the offense are going to be sorely disappointed. There are a couple of wrinkles they're putting in, in large part due to having Chris Rainey available and Jeff Demps healthier, but when Urban Meyer's saying he believes they just have to execute what they've been doing better he's not kidding.

The death of a Notre Dame student as a result of the lift he was filming football practice from being knocked over by wind naturally saddens anyone who hears about it. Once you read more about it though, it makes you angry. Declan Sullivan wasn't a victim of a fluke gust - he was up there in conditions the National Weather Service had been saying were 51 mile an hour winds. Sullivan himself sent multiple tweets indicating he was terrified while he worked. The obvious question is why he didn't come down, and the answer is almost certainly because he wanted to do his job and not seem scared of some wind. He's not to blame, but whoever was irresponsible enough to put him up there most certainly is. How could they not react to the way that lift had to be swaying during practice? It is incomprehensible someone could fail to grasp the risk that kind of wind poses in those situations. I've been to plenty of football practices and seen multiple teams choose not to endanger their video guys as a result of winds far calmer than that. There will be major consequences in the wake of this death, and there should be. Hopefully no other program will make such a foolish choice anytime soon.

Think you're pretty swamped with work? Odds are you aren't as busy as Jason Benetti. He's working four different broadcasting jobs at once, all while going to Wake Forest law school. Still not impressed? How about the fact he's also dealing with cerebral palsy on top of all that. Makes it a little harder to come up with a good excuse why you can't find time for something after you read that story.

I've never heard Benetti call a game, but I'm sure he'll never have an on air moment as embarrassing as Dave LaMont's epic meltdown while calling FAU's loss to Arkansas State over the weekend. LaMont not only raved like a lunatic about his displeasure with what he considered to be a missed call on a late hit, he actually challenged the entire press box to a fight! Amazingly, Florida Atlantic's AD is not suspending LaMont for any games or just dismissing him altogether. Lamont has also done some midweek work for ESPN in recent years. If I was ESPN, there's no way I'd put someone capable of being that big of a loose cannon on my airwaves ever again.

Game one of the World Series was reasonably watchable considering I have no particular rooting interest in either Texas or San Francisco and it wasn't a very close game. Tonight with FSU at NC State in college football that game will be the higher priority for me, although I'll occasionally check the baseball out too. No idea whether others will do what I'm doing, nor do I care. At some point today, a story will likely come out about whatever the TV ratings were for the night before's game. For some reason, some media people think you and I are concerned what they are. Odds are you're not buying advertising during the World Series, so why would the numbers mean anything to you? As long as the games are on, it makes no difference to almost all of us whether they're watched by millions or hundreds. Wish the commentators would take that into account when the ratings are talked about today.

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Ned said...


I don't read many blogs but always like to read yours. I hope that you keep doing it. Somehow got busy this week and realized I hadn't read you all week, and was pleased to find post from each day.

Miss hearing you on the radio down hear in Gainesville. Listening to Larry Vettel right now and he's pretty good too. I think I remember that you're on up there at the same time. Have had a chance to hear you on together and it's a great combination.

That's all for now, but please, keep sharing your thoughts on all things sports.