Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A quick one

Only have time for a brief post this morning, because I'm headed to Charlotte for ACC basketball media day. Wish I could go to the SEC's in Birmingham tomorrow, but I have to be in Columbia for a remote broadcast so it's not feasible. One thing has to be addressed though:

Today the NFL will announce more on their plans to take serious disciplinary action toward players who are guilty of helmet to helmet hits or delivering other unnecessarily vicious blows during the flow of play. They fined several players for those offenses yesterday, but now the threat of suspension is out there. Channing Crowder believes this will make the game of football less manly. In the meantime, would you like to buy a photo of one of the hits a player was fined for? The NFL will sell you the photo of James Harrison destroying Mohammed Massaquoi for as low as $15.95 or as expensive as $249.95. The hypocrisy of that isn't surprising, but it needs to end at once. I'm all for trying to protect people playing a dangerous game, but rather than threaten tougher penalties the number one thing the NFL could do to stop this kind of play is have its officials actually enforce the rules they already have. Many hits that lead to NFL fines never drew a flag on the field.

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