Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

Sorry about the recent "blog lull" - this was my last six days: Tuesday night - left Columbia for Birmingham at 8 PM. Wednesday, up early for day one of SEC basketball media days. With no driving to do, I blogged that night. Up early again Thursday for day two, then drove back to Columbia in the afternoon. Friday, did an "on location" show in Columbia, then headed for Gainesville at 8 PM. On air at 10 AM in Gainesville, then drove to Atlanta for ACC Basketball media day after UGA-LSU wrapped up. Sunday, covered that and then drove back to Columbia. With the driving and the need to write articles for fightingators.com and edit audio for airing on my station, there just weren't enough hours in the day to blog too. Now, it's back to business.

Watching the World Series last night genuinely made me angry. The most important game of the season was being played in conditions that would never be tolerated for a July game. This, just two days after an idiotic decision to begin play in game three over an hour and a half late and go until 1:30 in the morning rather than delay it and lose the sacred "travel day". Between dreadful umpiring and inept decision making, MLB seems to be going out of its way to drive fans away from caring about their signature event. Philly has a right to be livid about the loss of their ace Cole Hamels after six innings when he normally would have gone eight. If they'd called the game much earlier (when they should have), Hamels likely could have pitched a game seven if needed. After six, he's probably done for the series unless rain pushes tonight back too. Even though the Rays eventually wound up having to stay in Delaware last night, we'll see if they can send this thing back to St. Pete.

Georgia week is finally here, which in many ways has been the focus of the Gators entire offseason. The "gag order" from Urban after the Kentucky beatdown indicated how much he's concerned about distractions this week. UGA comes into the game with a makeshift OL, a secondary which shows little ability to cover top receivers well, and no consistent pass rush. They've added an elite WR in AJ Green and Stafford's improved a little. Tebow is healthier than he was last year and UF's added Rainey, Demps and possibly Moody to their ground game. Aaron Hernandez and Deonte Thompson are factors in the pass game now as well. With the development of Joe Haden and the addition of Janoris Jenkins, UF has corners who can cover this year. In my mind, one team appears much more improved a year later than the other is - we'll see what that means Saturday.

Tyrone Willingham is out at Washington after the year. He undoubtedly took over a very difficult stuation when he came there, but it has never shown any sign of improvement at all. The Huskies recruiting has been awful under Willingham, and he's a cold fish who doesn't excite fans or boosters. Despite that, Notre Dame shouldn't have fired him when they did. They had given Gerry Faust his full five years, and it was hard to understand how a more successful coach than Faust had been cut loose in just three. The incredibly overrated Lane Kiffin's name keeps coming up for lots of jobs, but this one might actually make some sense for him.

Lots of attention is being paid to Mike Singletary's great postgame press conference where he teed off on Vernon Davis. He should have had some venom for clueless sideline reporter Danyelle Sargent as well. If you are covering the NFL and are unaware of the death of Bill Walsh, you should be fired. There are many female sports reporters who do their jobs well, which is why it's unfair for them to be judged as a result of the ineptitude of one who's been known for coasting along thanks to her looks ever since she was in local TV in Kansas City.

I had lunch with a radio colleague at Dantanna's in Atlanta Sunday. Check out their gourmet burger menu on the front of their webpage and you will find the heart attack burger. It features double portions of bacon and fried onions, a fried egg, and a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches in lieu of a bun. Would you ever, under any circumstances, eat that? Me neither.

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Matt said...

I will say that you proved somewhat prophetic when you said after the game last year that Richt's stunt had the opportunity to really backfire on him. This year's game is far more important for both teams and the Gators have that extra motivational factor working in their favor. I think the Gators are going to come out on fire, whether or not they'll be able to sustain it throughout the game is another issue.

That being said, I think we should get a pool going on which motivational gimmick Mark Richt is likely to use this week. I have three guesses:

1. We all know that a "black out" is completely out of the question after the Alabama embarrassment. But that's not to say that those clever dawgs might not issue a "code red." It's catchy and it really helps to convey how urgent- this game is…you know, in case you couldn't figure it out on your own.

2. Coach Richt gets the Georgia "G" tattooed on his ass and in addition to having each of the players slap it before running out of the tunnel, he flashes it over to Urban Meyer after every Georgia score, first down, or positive yardage play.

3. Coach Richt organizes a pep rally Friday night where he wrestles a live alligator in front of thousands of captivated Georgia fans. After killing the animal he roasts it on a flaming pyre of jean shorts soaked in gasoline while the fans ritualistically chant "Glory, Glory."

My money is on # 3…