Monday, October 13, 2008

Manic Monday

That was quite a weekend, both for sports and for me personally. I made the Columbia to Gainesville to Tampa and back to Columbia in 54 hours road trip, so I was getting a little bit of a later start this morning. I got word about Tommy Bowden getting fired at Clemson ninety minutes ago so this is officially now a crazy Monday. There's a press conference two hours away, so I have to head out. I've got a lot of thoughts on the weekend, and I'll get into them with an expanded blog for tomorrow morning.

Multiple people greeted me and let me know they read this blog while I was in Gainesville Saturday. That was cool - it's always nice to know someone enjoys what you do. Thanks for dropping by while you're online.


Garrett said...

What a weekend Heath, crazy crazy crazy. I heard you on the radio here in G'ville Friday afternoon and you picked the Gators to win. You are usually right, so I wasn't worried one bit.

Miss you on the radio, but I know life leads us in different directions.

Keep up the blog man!

Garrett Russell (long time listener)

Graham said...

There is TONS of chatter about wanting you back on the air here. No chance we can get you to syndicate, eh?