Friday, October 3, 2008

Rob Schneider - gee, thanks MLB

Yet again the Thursday night game stirred things up heading into the weekend, as USF fell against the Wannstache 26-21. USF had just three road games in the mediocre Big East left this year, so there had been an opportunity for them to wander into the national title debate. For UF that's one less obstacle to getting back into the BCS mix if they can take care of business. They certainly should against a bad Arkansas team. All you need to know about the Razorbacks is that their passing offense has given up three TDs the last two games and only scored two.

This is an odd weekend overall, with FSU at Miami a total afterthought and just three games between ranked teams. I have no idea what to expect from the Noles and Canes - each is 0-1 in conference and neither has proven anything offensively other than that they can put up points on a second tier Big twelve team. I'll go with the Canes since they have the home field "advantage" and have at least played more games against someone with a pulse. Ohio State-Wisconsin should be interesting. I get the feeling Terrelle Pryor has a big night and the Buckeye BCS hype machine immediately goes back into overdrive.

In the NFL, there's no way Tampa Bay going to Denver with them coming off a horrible loss to the Chiefs works out well. San Diego should be able to hande the Dolphins depite the cross country trip. Jacksonville hosting Pittsburgh in a Sunday night game should be a battle, but I think the Steelers get out with the upset.

So far, so good for the Rays. The White Sox were a great matchup for them, and they can't let them win one in St. Pete. By the time the series gets to Chicago, the Cubs may already be done which is too bad. Any NL storyline will be okay, but Cubs and Brewers in the NLCS would have been my preference. They're both down 0-2 - never mind. Going back to the Rays for one second, exactly who at MLB thought a video with professional tool Rob Schneider was a good way to promote the Rays making the playoffs?

UConn expelled touted basketball player Nate Miles yesterday. He was arrested for violating a restraining order. Exactly why a kid who went to five high schools had any business being there in the first place remains one of the mysteries that come with covering college athletics.

This Saturday will be a little odd for me, as it's the first time this year I haven't been at a game somewhere. I'll be watching UF on one of the three TVs at my studio while waiting for SC/Ole Miss to start at two. I'll write a UF postgame article for while getting ready to host a Gamecock postgame show. Should be an interesting afternoon. Have a good weekend - see you back here Monday.

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