Thursday, October 2, 2008

Travis Henry to sign with Bengals?

This is truly a bizarre day in my hometown. If I was waking up this morning in Tampa, I could drive across the Gandy Bridge to St. Pete and check out the first playoff game in Tampa Bay Rays history. Given their competition I honestly never thought the Rays could make the playoffs in the AL East, much less win the thing. Now they are very well positioned for a run to the ALCS - unreal. Of course, once I got done watching the Rays I could dash back across the Howard Frankland Bridge to make sure I got to see the tenth ranked USF Bulls host the Wannstache and company. When I graduated high school the Dome was where we went for Tampa Bay Storm arena football games. USF didn't even have football, much less a top ten team. I'm only 35, but I feel ancient today.

Ohio State running back Beanie Wells feels he's still got a shot at the Heisman. To be technical about it, UF punter Chas Henry also has a shot at the award until the voting begins. Wells has about as good a chance as Henry of winning the Heisman after the vote's held too.

Yesterday's cocaine trafficking arrest of former NFL running back Travis Henry drives home again the fact a lot of players can not handle themselves outside the football world. Who can forget Nate Newton's disastrous post Dallas exploits? Henry has nine children, all reportedly by different women. There's no punchline there, it's just pathetic and sad.

If you believe the New York Daily News, John McCain used a supposed memory and energy enhancing substance prior to Friday night's debate. Of all the places his campaign could have gotten such a supplement, the apparent answer for where they did is from Bill Romanowski's nutrition company. The idea that a well known NFL drug cheat who was linked to BALCO like "Romo" can legally have a company market "nutrition products" bearing his name is astonishing.

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