Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bucs are Bernie Madoff's favorite team

The Bucs continue to stagger to the finish and will need help from the Eagles to make the playoffs. I guess it should bother me, but they're not good enough to be a playoff team so it doesn't. Gruden finally succeeded in having back to back winning seasons for the first time, but most of the victories were a mirage (Seattle, KC, Detroit, the Falcons with Matt Ryan in his first road game). The offense continues to be built on a foundation of sand, with virtually no young skill players and an ancient quarterback with no one developing behind him. Monte Kiffin's going to Knoxville, making it even clearer this is the time for a change. Jon Gruden is running a pro football ponzi scheme, and he should have been fired after 2005. The team will not progress until that happens.

As the Lions continue their inevitable march to 0-16, no one's discussing how close they easily could have been to breaking Tampa Bay's record 26 game losing streak as well. Remember, Detroit began last year 6-2 and then lost seven of their last eight. Their 25-20 win over Kansas City in week 16 means they would have to open next year 0-9 to tie the Buccaneers. Had the Chiefs won, they'd be just two games away from further infamy. As you may know if you're a regular reader of this blog, I'm fascinated by the city of Detroit and how a once vibrant place has become such a disaster over the past four decades. The average value of a home in Detroit is now $18,513! Their municipal government is a corrupt nightmare. And now, on top of everything else, they're about to become home of the worst team in the history of the NFL.

We had five bowl games this weekend, none of which was all that great of a game and several of which appeared to be in front of stadiums no more than a third full at best. They exist primarily to provide TV and radio programming for ESPN, yet schools are dying to get into them. Florida Atlantic was so hard up for a bowl bid that they took no money from the Motor City Bowl - just tickets which they'll largely wind up giving away. It's a ridiculous system, but so many people are getting rich on it that it's not changing anytime soon.

Lane Kiffin continues to strike me as rather full of himself for a coach with almost no accomplishments to speak of. The guy hasn't even run a practice as a college head coach, but Saturday he decided it was a good time to take a shot at Steve Spurrier....

“If Steve’s concerned about my test, I got 39 out of 40. I’d like to see what he got.”

Three weeks ago, Spurrier had questioned whether Kiffin had broken a rule by contacting a recruit before he even had been hired by the Vols. The official explanation was that Kiffin had taken the required test a few days before his hiring. Kiffin's score was never questioned. Instead of dropping the topic, Kiffin decided to publically proclaim he's sharper than Spurrier. College accomplishments aside, Steve even has a better NFL winning percentage than Kiffin. Between this and his comment about how sweet it will be to sing Rocky Top after beating UF, Lane really might want to stop having his ego write checks his football team can't cash.

Not a lot of people are big into college hoops yet, but I guaruntee folks in Lexington are well aware that Tubby Smith's undefeated Minnesota team just beat Louisville. Kentucky gets their shot at the Cardinals January 4th. If they lose, I'm sure it will be Tubby's fault. Enjoy, Billy Gillispie.

When Florida won the Final Four in 2006, the city of Indianapolis was already busy building Lucas Oil Stadium to take place of the RCA Dome. The Dome seemed fine to me, but everyone's always looking to have the hottest new thing. Over the weekend, they knocked the building down. It's amazing that in 24 years it went from modern palace good enough to lure the Colts away from Baltimore and host multiple Final Fours to something to be hauled to the dump. I sure hope Indianapolis has good roads and a solid school system if this was the most important thing they could think of to spend money on.

If you're still looking for a Christmas gift for Grandma, Best Buy would love it if you would take a copy of Chinese Democracy off their hands. They bought 1.3 million copies of the pseudo-Guns N' Roses Axl Rose solo album and have exclusive distributing rights. Unfortunately for them, only 318 thousand copies have sold and word of mouth on the album is really poor. Oops.

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