Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Maybe I need a blog succession plan

This "coach in waiting" bit is getting ridiculous. It made perfect sense for FSU and would for Penn State as well. When your coach's age is an obvious recruiting issue, it needs to be addressed. I didn't understand why Purdue or the Seattle Seahawks chose to do it this year, though. By having one year "waiting periods" for their new coaches, they turned their seasons into wrecks with players ignoring the lame ducks in charge. Now Oregon football will not only have a question at coach, the entire athletic department will have an open ended question about the AD spot too.

Notre Dame apparently will keep Charlie Weis for another year. This isn't a total shock - their AD's new in the gig and has little experience that would prepare him for an ND coaching search this early. There's also the gigantic buyout they would to deal with (between 4 and 16 million, depending on what report you've chosen to believe this week). I suspect Weis will shove some coaches out the door (especially the OL coach) and hope a weak schedule which features both Washington and Washington State next year will be easy enough he can get to nine wins again.

Meanwhile, if you clicked that link you saw Fox Sports had a writer who felt Urban Meyer would be distracted this week by the Notre Dame job. You know, the one that's not even open. Just because Peter Kerasotis wrote something stupid in Florida Today two weeks ago, suddenly Urban Meyer's distracted by a job (that's not open) the week of the second most important game of his career to date? Is it too much to ask for people who get paid to express opinions at least try to make sense?

The part I find amusing in this story about the "United Football League" supposedly being interested in signing Michael Vick when he gets out of prison is this quote...

"We've received fan letters and e-mails already saying, 'What are you guys, nuts?'"

from league "commissioner" Michael Huyghue. Sure you have, Michael. The fans of those six nonexistent teams that will play in the cities you haven't selected are just LIVID about this. As a publicity stunt, announcing you'll sign a guy people hate is really not that clever. Pretending your bogus league has fans when it doesn't even have teams is even less so.

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