Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BCS cost cutting sacrifice #32: only ordering single malt Scotch

The sad thing about yesterday's breaking story that Sammy Sosa tested positive for PEDs in 2003 is that absolutely no one is surprised at all. With A-Rod and Manny, there was still a level of shock because for all their weirdness that was one thing they hadn't really been tied in with prior to the revelation. Everyone had suspected Sosa from the beginning, and he made the foolish choice to grandstand about being clean. While I thought Rick Reilly's "let's go drug test you right now" offer to Sosa was much more about getting attention for Reilly than any desire to actually get to the truth about steroid use, Sosa had bragged of his willingness to be tested. When called on it, he refused to cooperate. Last week, Sosa "retired" from baseball and announced he would calmly wait for his deserved entry to Cooperstown. Looks like that last taunt was a little too much for someone who had access to the records of the 2003 tests. Now Sosa not only won't go to the Hall of Fame but he has a great shot at a lying to Congress charge. I continue to believe in Ken Griffey Jr. and Chipper Jones - everyone else from the era is going to forever be assumed dirty, which is a shame.

The BCS meetings are underway right now in Colorado. They're being held at a Knights Inn on the rough side of Denver. Wait, my mistake, it turns out they're at the Broadmoor. It's a five star resort in Colorado Springs, with the cheapest available room tonight going for 330 bucks. Cost cutting is really important in college sports right now, after all. Anyway, the Mountain West has made their proposal to get rid of the BCS ratings in favor of a selection committee with one represenative from every conference and Notre Dame. In other words, the SEC and the Sun Belt would have equal power in the selection process for the national title. That makes no sense and has zero chance of succeeding, not that a reasonable playoff plan would have one either. Want an illustration of why nothing can get accomplished? The Pac-10's current commissioner claims a playoff can't work unless there are at least sixteen teams and even then it wouldn't be enough to satisfy people. Way to counter an argument no one's making, Tom Hansen!

Donte Stallworth's sentence of thirty days for DUI manslaughter is a disgrace. There is no other way to put it. The facts are clear: Stallworth was at a .12 BAC level at 7:15 in the morning, was going at least ten miles over the speed limit, and killed a man as a result. While he's been apologetic about what happened and will pay the victim's family a settlement, thirty days followed by two years house arrest is just not enough time for taking a life through stupidity. Roger Goodell will take action next, and I'd be stunned if the NFL Commissioner didn't suspend Stallworth for at least this season. I believe the league punishment should be through the end of his home confinement, which is two full years. Meanwhile, the pressure's just been turned up on Plexico Burress's attorney. If Stallworth can kill a guy and do just thirty days, you know Plex feels he shouldn't have to serve any time for shooting himself.

The US Open starts tomorrow at Bethpage Black. I was there seven years ago when Tiger won it - it's an impressive course. That win had considerably less drama than the battle between Woods and Rocco Mediate last year, which may be why Upper Deck thinks they can sell the shirts Woods wore for the first three rounds of the 08 edition for big bucks. I can't imagine what would possibly prompt someone to spend fifty thousand dollars for an autographed golf shirt that isn't even the one worn to win the tournament, but if you've got the cash lying around by all means help yourself.

If you don't have the money to spring for the Woods shirt just yet, don't sweat it. I've got your surefire strategy for bringing in the big bucks soon - professional beer pong. The World Beer Pong Tour just had a 25 thousand dollar top prize for its Atlantic City tournament. I had no idea I was living with so many future pro athletes during my fraternity days in Gainesville.

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