Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How are Jared's 15 minutes not up yet?

The latest silly manifestation of the "24 Gator arrests OMG!" hysteria comes in the form of an internet sportsbook's proposition bet, as reported on the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel's website. Players can wager on whether the next arrest for a Gator player will be a misdemeanor, or a felony. What do they plan on doing if a player's charged with both? An FSU linebacker was yesterday. Also, at least in theory, isn't the sportsbook opening itself up to some insider trading here? If you're a UF walkon, have your friend bet big on misdemeanor. Then you find a UPD officer and if you're underage, announce that fact and begin drinking a beer in front of him. If not, drink eight and throw up on his shoes. As long as your winnings cover your bail and Urban Meyer doesn't kill you with his bare hands, you're good.

ESPN's website came out with a ridiculously flawed list of what they purport to be the NFL's ten most indispensable players. Number one on the list was Peyton Manning, which I have no problem with. He's the only quarterback listed, which is absurd. Look at the Carolina Panthers performance last year with a recovered Jake Delhomme under center and compare it to the year before when they were trying to get by with guys like Matt Moore and Vinny Testaverde. Is Delhomme even one of the ten best QBs in the league? Probably not - but he's a hell of a lot more critical to the Panthers chances than alleged fourth most indispensable guy Roddy White is to Atlanta's. In what universe is Michael Roos more important to the Tennessee Titans than Drew Brees is to New Orleans? Not this one.

The NBA Draft is tomorrow. There's plenty of people who've said this is a weak year for prospects. Considering the number one pick just lost a game of HORSE to Jared Fogle of Subway, it seems they've got a pretty valid point. I'm pretty sure Jared wasn't hitting shots like this, either. As for Mike Miller, he goes to his fourth team by being dealt from Minnesota to Washington. At some point you'd think he'd wind up with a good franchise just by accident, but it hasn't happened yet.

I didn't find out until yesterday that Neil Rogers has taken a buyout and ended his run on Miami radio. It's a shame, because there will never be another personality who will own any market in the state of Florida the way Rogers did that one. Almost nothing I do in radio resembles what Rogers did on a daily basis, but he mentored Bob Lassiter. It was Lassiter's shows on WPLP 570 in Tampa that turned me on to radio in the first place. Eventually Rogers show was simulcast into Tampa, but it didn't work there because it was a pure Miami show. There aren't many pure personalities on talk radio any longer. There's angry political talk out the wazoo, there's naughty "I read Maxim today" talk and there's sports talk (thank goodness), but there aren't many shows left where you can tune in and just listen to the host tell a story because he's an interesting guy. With Rogers gone, there's one fewer today and that's a shame.

Ed McMahon was another guy who made a career out of being himself. I went back and watched some clips of him and Johnny Carson yesterday after the word of McMahon's death filtered out. It's just ridiculous how good Carson was at what he did. Here's a clip from their final show and another with Don Rickles dropping in.

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