Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Here's a clip from our final nominee, Police Academy 8"

It was an interesting day to be in Columbia yesterday. I don't delve into politics here, but I'm fascinated that something like this can happen to any prominent figure. When you choose to be a public crusader against something, you can not then turn around and do that same thing. This is not a hard concept. Meanwhile, "hiking the Appalachian Trail" will be a punchline for quite a while when talking about people who are trying to be deceptive.

With the NBA Draft coming up tonight, a few things stand out. The Shaq deal makes Cleveland better since they get him in return for garbage. It's mystifying why they didn't make this same deal when they should have - at the trade deadline. Shaq will help take some of the load off LeBron on offense, but they need to add more than just him if they're going to win a championship. I believe Nick Calathes will be the first round pick of the Dallas Mavericks if VCU point guard Eric Maynor has been drafted before number 24. If not, I'll say he goes to the Lakers at 29. Without having signed to play in Greece, he's not a first rounder. That and the fact the shoe companies don't have anyone they want to market much this year tells you it's a pretty weak crop of talent.

The sheer amount of gall on display by Isiah Thomas and FIU basketball in this Seth Davis piece is astounding. They've blown off kids had signed with the previous coaching staff, yet they refuse to let the Sun Belt Freshman of the Year transfer. That's bad enough, but to add to the level of arrogance AD Pete Garcia tries to make it sound like they're doing the young man a favor by making him stay...

"I feel FIU is the best place for Freddy, and I'm not even talking about basketball."

No, of course not. Wouldn't want to come off as a win at any cost program, after all. Guess FIU suddenly just wasn't a fit for the signees for some reason. You bet.

The announcement from the folks who run the Oscars that they will now have ten nominees for best picture yearly made me shake my head. Where are they going to find ten genuinely good movies when I've seen just three all year and one of those was already a nominee last year? Do comedies finally start getting a look? I'm having trouble imagining Star Trek being up for best picture, but this year who knows?

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