Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apparently Derek Dooley turned them down

Imagine being a Buffalo Bills fan right now. It's not bad enough that the temperature won't break freezing all day, and it's going to snow again. You have to wake up this morning to the news your team's next football coach is likely Chan Gailey. No single guy more defines mediocrity as a head coach more than Gailey. He went 18-14 with the Cowboys and 44-32 at Georgia Tech. He has no playoff wins, and went 2-4 in bowls with a Champs Sports Bowl victory over Syracuse his shining moment. Most recently he was fired by the Kansas City Chiefs as offensive coordinator. Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, Tony Sparano(w Bill Parcells pulling strings) and Chan Gailey - one of these things is not like the others. Good luck with that, Bills fans.

Enraged Tennessee fans are spreading progressively more outrageous rumors about Lane Kiffin and his coaching staff's behavior during the past year. On Wednesday, he was just a jerk. By now he's evolved into some sort of John Belushi/Tiger Woods combo, only without the talent of either guy. Particularly delusional fans have managed to take a photo of Kiffin out on the town with Mike Tomlin and his brother in law and turn the fact he was talking to women into "proof" of all this. Brooks of Sports By Brooks has debunked the persistent message board fantasy that TMZ is in Knoxville "investigating" the Kiffin rumors. Brooks is very well connected in L.A. - if he reports that TMZ's not there, I believe him. Would they have interest in verifiable proof of some of this stuff against USC's new coach? Sure, but I don't believe for a second that it's a priority for them. Like most stuff that everyone on the internet "knows about", I'll be extremely surprised if much of this is legit or any of it can ever be proven.

There should be a rule for stadiums. After it has originally been named, you can change it once. After that, it either goes back to its original name or if that was a sponsorship deal then it is given a noncommercial name that is permanent. It would prevent the kind of silliness that now results in yet another new name for the former Joe Robbie Stadium. After being called Land Shark Stadium all season, it will suddenly be Sun Life Stadium in time for the Super Bowl. This is the sixth name someone's put on the place in its 22 years - that's ridiculous.

When I first heard about Twitter, I was a skeptic that it had much value. While I still don't put anything out on a Twitter feed, it's a huge help to my daily show prep as an aggregator of information. I mention this because of another new function I've become aware of called Blippy (who names this stuff?). The concept of Blippy is that you will be constantly informed of the things other people are buying. Am I missing something here? Is there a benefit I'm just not grasping to learning that someone spent 24 dollars at T.J. Maxx? Where does this end - will there soon be a service devoted exclusively to live updates on people's activities in the bathroom?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... a Twitter-esque service for the potty... Heath, you're a genius! Best of all you just have to replace the first two letters of Twitter with "Sh" and viola... the perfect name!

Malik said...

Just like you use Twitter to gather news, others would really benefit from reading your blog.

If you would simply post a link to your weekly blog posts on Twitter, it would instantly become among the most relevant things on there...

Clare said...
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