Monday, January 18, 2010

R.I.P. Gaines Adams

There are some things you don't expect to wake up to on a Sunday morning. A defensive end ten years younger than you dying as a result of heart problems is one of them. Former Tampa Bay first rounder Gaines Adams apparently was the victim of cardiac arrest caused by an enlarged heart, and is gone after just three years in the NFL. I never covered Adams, but those who did here in South Carolina as well as in Tampa think highly of him as a person. I didn't want the Bucs to draft him because I suspected he would be an underachiever on the NFL level, and unfortunately that proved to be the case thus far. It's a shame we won't get to see what he might have done under Rod Marinelli's tutelage in Chicago this year - if anyone could have made Adams into a force, that would have been the guy.

Tennessee got their guy, or at least got some guy, to try and clean up after the bomb Lane Kiffin dropped on them last week. Having kept an eye on what he was doing at Louisiana Tech the last couple of seasons, I can tell you Derek Dooley is a better coach than most people think even though he was 17-20 there. Having said that, he walks into a ridiculously bad situation. Even if there were no changes and UT signed the alleged top ten class they were working on, they were going to take a step back this year. In what will be no better than their starting QB's second and third games of college action, they host Oregon and Florida. In October, they're at LSU, Georgia and South Carolina wrapped around a home game with Alabama. This is likely no better than a .500 team without the chaos, which means fans need to be fair in judging Dooley's performance the next couple of seasons. Thanks to the ridiculously inept hiring process put on by UT AD Mike Hamilton, I'm not sure they will.

The most uninspired NFL postseason I can remember continued its current pace of one watchable game per weekend, as the Jets beat San Diego. The Jets have had five field goals missed against them in the last two weeks, which is an appropriate note for these playoffs. The Cowboys kicker was brutal yesterday as well, athough Brett Favre and Sidney Rice were in a groove and Dallas couldn't block anyone so it's hard to place too much heat on Shaun Suisham for the loss. Two weeks from now it's Norv Turner and Wade Phillips battling it out as head coaches for the Pro Bowl live in Miami, something else that illustates what a crappy postseason it's been.

Tiger Woods may be undergoing "treatment" for sex addiction at a clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This could also be a prank by the guys at the local Applebee's to make poor Rachel Nichols of ESPN come back after spending the whole summer there waiting for Brett Favre's inevitable unretirement. I don't really care either way, I'm just glad it's already given us perhaps the most useless live TV report ever courtesy of Jackson, Mississippi's CBS station. "There's definitely something going on here" - Walter Cronkite would be so proud.

In case it's not clear enough to you yet that Jay Leno is a loathsome fraud, check out this clip of him announcing the deal to give Conan O'Brien the Tonight Show in five years back in 2004. In 1992, when it appeared Leno might get bounced from the Tonight Show, he made clear he would never consider moving time slots and criticized NBC for considering a move like that. Of course, once it could benefit him, all this talk went out the window and he began lobbying for his old gig back publically less than a third of a year after Conan started. Leno is not funny, but more than that he's a bad guy. Conan is going to get paid, but he still got screwed over.

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Jeremiah said...

Thank you for providing the evidence showing what a jerk Leno truly is and just how badly Conan got worked in this whole deal, no matter what the final dollar figure ends up being to buy Conan out of his contract. Leno and his writers keep wanting to convince the public that Jay is just being the good soldier and is devoted to his work and NBC forced all this upon him and blah, blah, blah. Trust me, NBC botched this from the beginning and deserves a ton of blame, but Leno made his own show an unwatchable disaster, not NBC. I really believe that if Leno's show was funny and unique in any way, it might've worked. I get that it's not the standard prime-time programming, but this country has been watching kareoke contests, obese people working out, and lame game shows for YEARS on prime time and apparently, can't get enough of any of them. If that stuff can prosper, I think a comedy talk show that's funny and original with good satire and isn't the standard formula used in the other late-night shows would work. But, I know that's asking way too much of a guy who thinks putting a misspelled want ad from a newspaper on TV is comedy gold. Conan should've listened to Howard Stern back in 2006. (YouTube's pretty amazing)