Friday, January 29, 2010

Art is a better wagering choice than food between these two cities

This weekend is the Senior Bowl, where Tim Tebow will doubtless struggle to even successfully tie his shoes since they are NFL LEVEL shoelaces and thus far too complex for someone with his technique to be able to handle. The good news is that once the game is done, we get a break from draft gurus using Tebow as a pinata so we can actually finish the NFL season. I'm expecting a good game, and hopefully the city and state politicians will refrain from cheesy "bets" since there's been a terrific wager between the cities already. The serious stuff for this Super Bowl week will not be the game of course, but rather what Kim Kardashian and other celebs like her are up to in Miami. Whatever it is she does, Reggie Bush's woman will be doing it in a tank/limo hybrid. Seems like exactly the kind of discreet presence teams are hoping for from player families.

The folks at are looking back at the analysis Scouts, Inc. provided on w National Signing Day back in 2006. Amongst the gems from their top 150? Myron Rolle was their choice as the best player in the country - he never even made first team all conference. Tim Tebow was 15th, but behind true star QBs like Mitch Mustain and Jevan Snead. Knowshown Moreno was the 99th best player, one spot ahead of Brandon Spikes. I'm particularly amused by the attempts to pump up certain players who've failed to live up to the hype Scouts Inc. placed on them. As an example their #27 player, wide receiver Markeith Summers, has 22 catches in four years since high school. Sound like a missed evaluation to you? No, according to them "he proved to be a big-play threat for the Rebels in 2009" because he caught 4 TDs. Riiiiight. Keep in mind that this group of master talent evaluators is the same outfit that employs Todd McShay, who has zero qualifications for his job but is proclaiming that Tim Tebow can not possibly play QB on every outlet ESPN has.

For sheer "say what?" factor, it's going to be tough for any stories the next week or so to top ESPN's bizarre selection for a spring football game to broadcast: North Carolina's. Butch Davis has seen his team lose back to back Meineke Car Care Bowls. That's worth a featured national showcase? I'd understand being at Alabama, or even following the Lane Kiffin circus to Los Angeles, but what's supposed to be appealing about the Tar Heels? They do have a lot of players back, but they're still players from a very mediocre team. It's not like Kenan Stadium will be packed with fired up fans, either. This seems like some kind of behind the scenes deal, possibly in return for UNC changing their schedule to play LSU in the Kickoff Classic game in Atlanta this year.

The Olympics are coming up. As a sports fan, I'm supposed to care. Other than wanting to see some of the hockey, I really don't. I find the bobsled and luge events interesting, but that's about it. The disdain I have for most of the events is summed up in this story about Russian ice dancers having offended Aborigines. I'll stick to basketball, thanks. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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