Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tebow, Tebow, Tebow and Tebow

One of the things we all knew was coming leading up to the NFL Draft was an overdose of Tim Tebow coverage. What I'm not sure people realized was just how nonstop it's going to be for the next four months. Don't believe me? Right now, before Tebow even arrives at the Senior Bowl and begins giving us something fresh on the field to discuss, he's still at the centerpiece of multiple stories. Should the NFL invite him to the draft? (Doesn't seem that hard to figure out: if they feel strongly he'll be a first rounder, sure. Otherwise, of course not.) Now that the Focus on the Family ad with an anti-abortion message featuring Tebow and his mother has been approved by CBS, will that negatively impact his fan appeal or his relationship with NFL teams? (We'll see about the fans, but NFL teams won't care if Tebow performs abortions himself as a hobby if they believe he can play well while selling merchandise and tickets.) What about his ex-girlfriend being one of the 24 finalists on American Idol? (Wait, what? Since when did Tebow have a girlfriend, much less an ex?) Soon there's likely to be an announcement that Tebow will be on the cover of the NCAA 2011 video game as well. Tebow has every right to make money, promote causes he believes in, or take up curling as a hobby if he so desires. I hope he has people around him with the judgement not to let his appeal to the public get completely burned out with overexposure.

Tiger Woods has been overexposed for the last two months, even though no one's seen him. Now one of his fellow PGA Tour pros has taken a stand about how Woods should handle his return to the game. Former US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy wants Tiger to have a press conference that's not associated with a golf event in any way, believing that will reduce the tabloid presence at whatever event Woods plays first. The reality is Tiger will be stalked by gossip people looking for a story no matter where he is for the forseeable future. Guys like Ogilvy are of zero interest to the TMZs of the world. Considering everyone on the Tour is richer because of what Tiger's done for the past decade, Ogilvy and the rest would be wise to keep their thoughts on his situation to themselves and let him handle it however he sees fit.

East Carolina is still looking for a football coach thanks to Skip Holtz heading to USF. They swung and missed on Middle Tennessee's Rick Stockstill, which means it's really desperation time. When Mike Shula as your head coach starts to sound like a good idea, you're in big trouble. Shula's not a bad quarterback coach. He is proven to be a terrible offfensive coordinator, and he's not a very good college head coach either. I know the last name is famous, but it's famous with people like me who are 36. Any kid who knows the Shula name today either is thinking "the NutriSystem guy who operates a steakhouse chain too?" or "the guy who flopped at Alabama". How does that help build a football program today?

While I'm sorry to hear former NC State head coach and longtime FSU assistant Chuck Amato has cancer, the good news is that it was caught early. Hopefully he'll be able to make a full recovery. The article from the Charlotte Observer says people were discussing Amato's undisclosed cancer in various online forums, prompting him to make this announcement. What kind of person learns about a man's private medical status and reacts by heading to message boards to spread the word? It's not like Amato's even an active coach, so there's no reason any school's fanbase "needs" to know. Is there no privacy of any kind left at this point?

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