Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2012 Super Bowl halftime show - John Mellencamp

Indianapolis will host Super Bowl XLVI. I love reading articles like this about how the city who gets the game will be transformed into a hip, happening place that people will think about differently from now on. For those people, I have just one word: Jacksonville. I covered them being awarded the Super Bowl, listened to all the puffery and had people get angry with me for saying on air there it was going to be a debacle. It was, and they will never get another one. When you're in Jacksonville, do you feel you're in a chic, worldly city now? Of course not. The only cities really equipped to handle Super Bowls are Miami, Tampa, Phoenix/Glendale, San Diego (if they get a new stadium) and (if the recovery continues) New Orleans. Every other place they put it is a huge flop, because people are trying to stage huge events outdoors. Good luck with that in Indianapolis in February.

So the NBA draft lottery serves the first pick up to Chicago. The Heat gets whichever of Rose or Beasley they don't select. The bigger question for Florida fans is what this all means for Marreese Speights. Chad Ford of ESPN claims he goes 16th to Philly. Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News doesn't think he goes first round. I don't generally put a lot of stock in Ford, but I do think Speights stays in and gets into the lower half of the round somewhere.

It remains to be seen whether Mets manager Willie Randolph will be fired before Ned Yost gets the boot in Milwaukee, but I'm pretty sure trying to claim racism is why he's being criticized and then backtracking two days later just sped his timetable up. You'd think by now people would understand these kind of accusations are like a gun - don't pull it out unless you're prepared to really use it.

Giada DeLaurentis is normally the only cooking show I would consider watching. But if this idea gets off the ground, Michael Irvin probably has some interesting menu suggestions he could share as well.

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