Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome back, Joakim.

Thanks for checking back in on the blog - I hope your Memorial Day weekend was better than Joakim Noah's. It's not that Noah's Gainesville incidents - open container violation and posession of a joint on Friday, then a driving with a suspended license rap on Saturday night - will shock anybody. It does open him up to some national mockery, though, some of which will be unfair. For example, I heard Doug Gottlieb on ESPN Radio Monday night declaring Noah must really be a jerk, because there's no way he would get charged with anything in Gainesville otherwise. Umm, no. Sometimes, law enforcement personnel decide to... what's the term... ENFORCE THE LAW, Doug! I'm guessing Gottlieb's theory comes from the fact that he's a jerk and was arrested for credit card fraud when he played at Notre Dame, so it must work that way everywhere.

Gator baseball goes to Tallahassee for the regional as a two seed and will face Tulane. It's a better draw than Miami, but still looks pretty tough. I've always hated the fact that in baseball it seems like everyone has already seen at least one if not more of the teams they'll face. South Carolina already played their first day opponent Charlotte during the year as well.

Let me get this straight. Vince Young says his response to his first year in the NFL was that he wanted to quit because it "wasn't fun anymore". When you go pro early and get millions of dollars, that does tend to lead to things being less laid back. As Joakim Noah could tell you, Vince, going from a championship to pro mediocrity is tough. It gets tougher when you're on the net shirtless and drinking Patron straight from the bottle after you got your last OC fired because his offense was too tough for you to learn.

Playboy convinces a pro tennis player to pose minus clothing, and it's Ashley Harkleroad? How far down the list of possible "celebrity" pictorials did they get before this name came up? Was Daniela Hantuchova's phone busy?

I certainly have no issue with football coaches trying to do their part to assist in boosting the morale of troops overseas. Having said that, the decision by Charlie Weis to put these pictures on his website ranks right up there with the John Kerry campaign setting this photo op up. Sticking to posed pictures with soldiers would have been a much better call.

While I was writing this blog and watching the Celtics lose, I just saw this Dockers commercial again. Check out the guy putting at the end - apparently they hired an actor who's never played golf or else this guy's trying to make a 200 foot putt. Good song, though - Marlena Shaw's "California Soul", if you were wondering.

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