Thursday, May 22, 2008

"We're coming, and we're shitty!"

Florida baseball tries to stay alive against South Carolina today at the SEC baseball tournament. The weird thing about this event is all the teams know they're going to make the NCAAs, so there's not much on the line for most of them. UF would like to host a regional but probably won't get to now that they're in the losers bracket. If the Gators don't win three games in a row, you'd be better off just losing today, resting your pitchers arms, and finding out where you'll be a two seed on Monday.

Give Mack Brown credit for honesty. He acknowledges that it's an enormous conflict of interest for coaches to be voting in the national championship selection formula. The coaches poll should have been done away with years ago for exactly that reason. I don't blame Brown for choosing to vote despite the ethical question. Urban Meyer refuses to vote, but probably should start doing so. It would be in UF's best interest to have at least one ballot they can count on in a tight vote, since other schools they're competing with likely do.

Not trying to have a Big 12 lovefest here, but their commissioner is pushing for five years of eligibility for football. Since most kids are staying five years anyway thanks to redshirting, I'd be all for this. How many more bogus "season ending" ankle and shoulder injuries do we need to see to freshmen players in weeks two and three? I think kids would do better with regards to academics and discipline as well as on the practice field if they know there's still a chance they will get to play. If you know you're redshirting no matter what, where's the incentive to give your best as a freshman?

For the fourth straight year, college football fans tuning in for ESPN's College Gameday will be treated to the nightmare that is Big & Rich. They taped the new intro in Tampa this week. Thanks to the magic of youtube, you can look into the future and see your 2008 Saturday mornings at 10AM now. If I can find out who in the ESPN power structure these guys are related to or have blackmail material on, I'll let you know.

Speaking of our buddies in Bristol, ESPN thinks you might be interested in spending 300 dollars on a universal remote. No, I'm not kidding. The good news is that you can sign up to fight Jose Canseco in Atlantic City July 12 and have enough to buy an ESPN remote for every TV in your house, plus at least a half tank of gas!

I'm still feeling dirty about posting that Big & Rich thing. Here's a Ben Folds cover version of the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" to make up for it (and yes, if you didn't know what the UPS commercial song was before, this is it).


Jeremiah said...

I agree about the baseball team. Losing yesterday means they'd be much better off losing today, going back home, and getting ready for that inevitable trip to Coral Gables. We all know that Florida's biggest problem is pitching depth, especially in the bullpen, so the more rest they can get, plus the ability to set the rotation however you want next week, is more important that busting your butt for the next few days attempting to impress the committee enough to host a regional. Besides, Florida is still #3 in the pecking order in this state for hosting, and I have to believe Georgia and LSU will get regions, so they're at least third in the SEC pecking order in a league where 1 through 8 is almost completely even. Also, if Florida wins, they'll have to come back for another hot day game against either Vandy or LSU, arguably two of the best lineups in the SEC who'll just work your pitchers hard.
If the Gators fall behind early today, we better see LaCoste, Allen, and Lawlor and let the others get ready for next week.
I actually think Ole Miss has a great chance to win this tourney, despite being the #8. They have the starting pitching, good depth in the rotation, and a history of doing real well in this thing.

cramela said...

I'd pay ESPN $300 if they would run a SportsCenter that actually shows highlights instead of their nauseating personalities yammering about sports.

gatorgatorgator1 said...

agree..ESPN is milking that Big N Rich deal for all it's worth. I cringe every time i see it..