Friday, May 30, 2008

How come no one's ever "the next Kurt Rambis"?

Tough loss for softball yesterday - we'll see how baseball does in Tallahassee. If FSU can't make it out of this regional, it's going to be pretty stunning. Their last eight postseason losses are to SEC teams, so UF's got that going for them. The Celtics should be able to seal the deal this weekend and give us David Stern's dream matchup with L.A. It still won't live up to the glory days.

Not much else going on sports wise, so if you're looking for something to amuse yourself and kill some time I give you Japanese Bug Fights!

Former Minnesota coach Glen Mason is an arrogant guy who was always looking to get his next gig. Remember when he took the Georgia job and then changed his mind and stayed at Kansas a few days later? He practically begged for the Ohio State job when it was last open. After being squeezed for extra money over and over, it finally dawned on Minnesota that Mason's not all that good a coach. He'd win four garbage non conference games, stumble to a couple of Big 10 wins, and head to the Sun Bowl again. Now, two seasons after being bounced, Mason says he's moved on from coaching. Sure, Glen, I believe you're a long termer as "vice president of business development for Marquette Asset Management". You bet.

50 Cent will be having a more interesting weekend than me, and hopefully you as well. See you Monday.

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Jeremiah said...

My youth league basketball coach called me "Bird Rambis" because I wore glasses, I'd hit an occassional three-pointer, and I was pesky on defense because I was toothpick-skinny, but long enough and just barely athletic enough to bother better players on defense.
So, I could've been the next Rambis if I didn't succomb to the pitfalls that endanger all young athletes. You know, hamburgers, laziness, and.....well, that's about it.