Thursday, May 15, 2008

With great power comes great responsibility

I'm no Cowboys fan, but I like Tony Romo. This guy worked his way up from undrafted status to being one of the NFL's big names, and he seems to be having fun while he does it. I've never understood guys who have the world falling at their feet and act like it's torture. Everyone has tough days and no one's life is perfect, but being a pro athlete's still a pretty sweet gig. When he became quarterback of the Cowboys, Romo acquired super powers that enable him to do things like walk up to Carrie Underwood and ask her out. After taking a few months to enjoy Jessica Simpson's witty and cultured company, it looks like he's ready to use them again. Good man.

I love when athletes say "play me or trade me", as if there are tons of teams lining up for the oppotunity to grab them. J.J. Redick is apparently operating under that delusion. The NBA has free agency, J.J. If teams think you're worth a crap, there will be a chance for them to give you big dollars eventually. Until then, you're making big money and considering most people thought Orlando was nuts to draft you where they did you have absolutely nothing to complain about.

College basketball officials could be moving toward eventually creating a union, as they try to get more money out of the NCAA for postseason. It's something to keep an eye on - there's absolutely no benefit to the way the current system is set up, with referees having ties to specific conferences. If eventually we could move to a national assignment office for all officials, it would make college sports better.

I thought video game fishing was the most ridiculous concept ever, then I heard about Major League Eating: The Game. I've never been a big video game guy, and I'm guessing this wont get me to start.

Saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" last night - pretty good movie, although there is frontal male nudity so be forewarned if you're bothered by that. The best thing about the movie (well, besides Mila Kunis) is that none of the characters is just a one note "bad guy". The girl who dumps the main character may be self-absorbed, but she's got a good side too. Considering most of us are not one dimensionally good or bad people, it's surprising how rare it is for characters to be written that way.

The blog's been hitting triple digit numbers in views all week, which I'm told is good for a startup site. I'm greedy, though. I want thousands of views, not hundreds. If you've got friends who listened to the show, please pass along the link to them. The email is I'll do a Q and A mailbag this weekend, so send in any questions and site improvement ideas you've got. Thanks for stopping by and giving me some of your time.

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cramela said...

You are right about Mila. She is gorgeous and very funny as the voice of Meg of Family Guy. Also, I agree about Redick. However, I can see him being successful in the right situation as a kickout three point man. He needs to find a team with great slashers who can kick him the ball and cover up for him on defense. Orlando doesn't seem to have any of theses type players(see Hedo's last second game 4 shot)