Friday, February 27, 2009

Battleship: The Movie - where's my check for such a great idea?

NFL free agency begins today, and one of the things I'll be extremely curious about is where Rex Grossman ends up. He's definitely going to benefit from getting out of Chicago and away from a fanbase that has irrationally hated him for several years. Given the right circumstances (and some receivers would be nice too) I think Grossman can still be a success for somebody in the NFL. There aren't a lot of QBs with meaningful starting experience under 35 available this year, so he should be in fairly high demand. Tampa Bay could do a lot worse than bringing him in.

The never-ending saga that is the recruitment of alleged star running back Bryce Brown has taken a new twist. He's headed to LSU this weekend, but the NCAA is going to be in Wichita investigating his "mentor" Brian Butler. This situation has stunk for weeks, so I have no idea what took them so long. Brown's already missed out on any chance to go to Miami and USC - it would be ironic yet appropriate if the hype machine around him wound up costing him the chance to play college football as all.

I mentioned yesterday that I wasn't impressed with anything I saw out of Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie Wednesday night as his team got demolished by South Carolina. After the game Gillispie teed off on some of his players and apparently one has had enough. A.J. Stewart, who went to UK from Jacksonville, has reportedly quit the team. Word from Lexington is he won't be the last out the door by the time the semester's over. Gillispie has literally never spent more than three years at any job in his entire career. He's used to success coming quickly, and he appears to have little idea what to to next since it hasn't. Gillispie's just not the right fit for the Kentucky job.

The daily "dead tree" version of newspapers is going away. The only question is just how fast it will happen in each city, and how many will successfully transition to some combo of website content and print editions a couple of days a week like Thursday and Sunday. One that won't be doing anything is the Rocky Mountain News. It was one of two papers in Denver, and it's being shut down effective today. You hate to see anyone lose their job, and while I dont have any friends who work at the RMN I have plenty who work for newspapers who are petrified right now. Beyond that, one of my favorite things to do has always been to read a city I don't live in's newspaper cover to cover. You get a great sense of what a place is about by doing that, and while I read lots of news on the internet it's not the same. I wish this was the last time a story like this would come up this year, but it won't be.

The Chicago Bulls haven't won any titles lately, but I guess when the preident is a fan you can still drop by the White House. Check out the photo up top - seems Anthony Roberson got traded at just the right time, since he scored the spot right next to Obama. As for Joakim Noah, it's a fashion upgrade from the last time he went to the president's house back in his UF days. Still no tie, though.

It's been apparent for a while now that Hollywood is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ideas for movies. Even with the regrettable trend of remaking perfectly good films, I wouldn't have expected someone to suggest a Clue redux, but that's on its way. They also reportedly will be making a movie based on the board game Candy Land. Can't wait for the Risk movie to find out what all that dice rolling was about. Have a good weekend - see you back here Monday.

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