Friday, February 20, 2009

You just never know who you'll run into

It turns out Terrell Owens has actually been hanging out in Gainesville for the past few days. Apparently he ate dinner at Outback Tuesday and Stonewood Wednesday and has been hanging around GHFC. So why is Owens in town - to try and ruin a possible championship repeat for Gator football? Apparently the correct answer is that he's visiting former UF volleyballer turned model Kari Klinkenborg. Terrell, if you stumble across the blog, you really might want to try MT's Chophouse or Mark's US Prime over Outback if you're still feeling steak. Make sure you hit Adam's Rib before you leave town too.

Five games to go in SEC play, and we're looking at a four way tie in the East. The conference has had at least one Sweet 16 team every year since 1989, so this is definitely an atypical season. It will be a surprise if any SEC team's higher than a six seed at this point. Another interesting note: the SEC's had a one or two seed 16 of the past 17 years. The one year they didn't was 2000, when UF went on a run to the title game before losing to Michigan State as a five seed.

Orlando went out and made a move at the NBA's trade deadline. They're acting like Rafer Alston makes them a legit title contender again. Sorry, not buying. I felt they were well short of that status with Jameer Nelson and I think they still are with Alston. Are they good enough to win a round in the East? Perhaps, which was fine when they hadn't given up a first rounder in 2010 to do it. I'll believe this is even an Eastern Conference finals team when I see it.

Given the economy, the budget for school-related activities is being looked at in districts across the country. That's understandable, but the idea of Orlando schools not having athletic programs any longer is preposterous. It's not likely to come to that, but the fact the idea's even been brought up speaks volumes about how serious things are right now.

NASCAR's considered the best of any sport when it somes to prompting extreme fan loyalty to sponsors. Now that rep is coming back to bite them, as a prison inmate files a 23 million dollar lawsuit claiming his crime spree was inspired by NASCAR. My favorite part of this ridiculous story...

"Riches said he bought race tickets using credit cards that he admitted were fraudulent, “but the defendants insisted they did not care and encouraged me to buy Budweiser beer and funnel cake with more stolen funds.”

Well of course they did. It's a proven fact that the NASCAR cabal will stop at nothing to push funnel cake. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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