Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Nu'Keese, no peace!

Signing Day came and went, with the usual last second switches causing great frustration for the hardcore recruitniks around the country. Two guys bailed on UF for Tennessee, and Nu'Keese Richardon in particular seems to have upset people by doing so. Florida's fine at WR for next year, and there are plenty of equally talented athletes who will line up for that scholarship in 2010. Is Richardson a bigger deal as a recruit than Deonte Thompson was? No, and Thompson has only begun to be a slight factor two years into his college career. If your day was seriously affected by this yesterday, you need to spend more time watching the DVD of the championship game and enjoying winning.

Every year there are more and more kids who can't be satisfied just to announce their college choice, they need to make spectacles of themselves while doing so. We had one of those up here with Alshon Jeffrey dissing USC in favor of South Carolina. At least no one I cover decided to flip a coin to determine their college choice like this kid from New Jersey. Can't wait for this to catch on so I can see Tom Luginbill on ESPNU breaking down the mechanics of a recruit's coin flipping technique.

This probably interests only me, but I'm amazed that Texas is switching its football field back to artificial turf. Yes, modern turf is very different from the painted concrete that destroyed so many players knees prior to this decade, but this is Texas we're talking about. You're telling me they can't find anyone at one of the largest universities in the country capable of reliably maintaining a roughly 150 yard long grass field successfully?

We've been over the fact Hollywood seems incapable of coming up with creative ideas any longer. The latest evidence is more disturbing than ever. No, I'm not talking about the Friday the 13th remake out next week. While I'm sure it'll be awful, who cares what the latest gorefest served up for the kids is called? That means little to me, but when someone messes with Slap Shot it's a whole different deal. Already there have been two dreadful direct to video "sequels", including one with Stephen Baldwin, but now they're planning to redo the real thing. Unacceptable, especially when it's being done by a guy whose last movie credit was the remake of "Fun With Dick and Jane". Have we hit the bottom of the idea well yet? Well, Steve Gutenberg's going to direct Police Academy 8 with David Spade in a lead role so it appears we're not even close.

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