Thursday, February 19, 2009

This has been a slow week - something needs to happen

Florida is back in a tie for first place in the SEC East thanks to their win over Alabama last night combined with losses for South Carolina and Tennessee against SEC West teams on the road. The next week will start to see some seperation, with UT and UK playing followed by UK at SC. UF has to take care of their business this weeekend at home against a Vandy team that seems to be playing better as their young players develop.

Earlier this week South Carolina coach Darrin Horn was venting about the level of hype that goes with Big Ten basketball. He doesn't feel that their conference is better than his league, yet the SEC has been getting ripped nationally all season long. Exhibit A for Horn's case: Penn State 38, Illinois 33 last night. Every now and then you see a game where offenses struggle a bit, but that's just ridiculous. I still think the SEC is going to get five teams in, but I doubt many will be seeded any better than seventh.

Boston's owner wants Major League Baseball to have a salary cap. As usual, the villains are the Yankees. Considering what the Rays pulled off last season, this doesn't come off as the most credible time to make this argument. Teams in smaller markets have less room for error, but there's no reason or excuse why they can't be competitive if they draft and develop the right talent. If New York wants to waste huge money on A.J. Burnett, they should be allowed to do that.

Charles Barkley's back on TNT to break down the NBA, and to his credit he owned up to his DUI mistake yesterday. The problem is that Charles has been promoted by the network based around his outrageous qualities. He's going to have to strike the balance between giving people what they want and owning up to his own flaws. With the NBA trade deadline this afternoon, it is good timing for him to get back on the air and have something to talk about besides his mistake.

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Jeremiah said...

I am so tired of the Boston Red Sox playing the pitiful underdog role in comparison to the Yankees by constantly whining about what the Yankees spend on free agents. They are so full of it because last time I checked, they aren't broke and they have proven in the past that they are more than willing to fork over huge jack for players. If Texeira decided he didn't want to be in New York, you know he would've ended up in Boston for a hefty price. I believe Boston already has a pretty good first basemen already in Youkilis as long as Mike Lowell is OK to play third, so it's not like they desperately needed Texeira. Boston wants it both ways.....they want to be lovable underdogs, yet with the second or third-highest payroll in the game with almost as many resources as the Yankees. Memo to the Red Sawk: you stopped being lovable losers the minute you finished that sweep of the Cardinals back in 04 and have since established yourself as the best team in baseball the past five years. Start acting like the best and let the Yankees overpay of good, but not great, players like Texeira and Burnett.
All this just makes me want to see the Rays beat both of them again this year, and I believe they can. Offensively, I think the Rays will be better this year and David Price can already start working on his 09 Rookie af the Year acceptance speech.