Monday, February 23, 2009

Is anyone more tiresome than a self-proclaimed "activist"?

Florida should already be comfortably in the NCAA tournament field. Saturday's cruise at home against Vanderbilt should have been conference win number ten, and I believe ten gets them in. Thanks to the ridiculous losses at Georgia and South Carolina, there's still work to do. This final four game stretch is the trickiest of anyone in the conference: road trips to the two best teams in the west wrapped around home games against Tennessee and Kentucky. I still think they win two of these, but it's really irritating that they're in the position where they have to.

I think it's important for people to be involved in their government and work to enact policies they believe in. I don't think people standing on a street corner with a sign, whether it says "end the war" or "end abortion", make a big difference but if they're not hurting anyone than it's no big deal. I do get annoyed when someone decides their personal agenda is more important than anyone else's needs at an event. Andrew Meyer's stunt at John Kerry's UF speech springs to mind. After Saturday's UConn basketball game, "activist" Ken Krayeske decided it was the perfect time to question Jim Calhoun's compensation as head coach of the Huskies. He also got pissy with the sports media for not having asked his questions earlier - only "hero journalist" Ken Krayeske can expose that successful college basketball coaches make a lot of money! The nerve of those other reporters who were doing their job by writing or broadcasting stories about a game - dont they realize they should be staging self-serving confrontations instead?

Every year at the NFL Combine, at least one of the big name prospects suffers substantial damage to his reputation and draft stock. This year's loser: Michael Crabtree. The Texas Tech wide receiver measured at 6'1 and 3/8" as opposed as his listed 6'3", and he has a stress fracture which may keep him from running the 40 at all prior to the draft. Crabtree's saying he'll still run in a month, then have surgery. The guy's a terific player, but this is going to cost him some cash. It was a good weekend for Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy, with both running in the low 4.4s.

Emmitt Smith's run as an ESPN commentator is done after two years. This is a good thing. I've interviewed Emmitt multiple times, and he's not a dumb guy. For whatever reason, when he was having to speak extemporaneously in a broadcast setting he came off like a dunce. In some other role, maybe a taped piece, he might be more effective.

If you're looking for a timekiller today at work, allow me to help out. This is a Van Halen themed Asteroids game, where you control David Lee Roth as he does battle with all sorts of trouble including flying Sammy Hagar heads. It does make noise, so make sure the sound is off if your boss objects to such things.

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