Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another thing that'll help Miami more than you'll ever know

One of the great college football mysteries for the last few years has been why the Canes have had so many problems signing quarterbacks. They've lost kids to schools like Penn State and Alabama after they originally committed to Miami. After signing Robert Marve, they lost him thanks in part to some bizarre hndling of discipline by Randy Shannon. Now two more QBs have said sayonara rather than hope they'll get some time behind Shannon favorite Jacory Harris. Harris is a skinny guy - he'd better hold up, because if he doesn't UM is down to a QB that most thought was about to be moved to another position. Shannon finally has a quality OC, but thanks to this any injury to Harris may now be the end of his head coaching run as well.

The Pac-10 wants to ban the practice of teams staying in hotels the night before home football games. This is the kind of crap SEC schools can count on dealing with the next few years. Colleges that aren't willing or able to spend the same money on their programs are going to try to limit everyone so that they don't suffer a disadvantage in recruiting as a result of their cheapness. If you can't compete financially, weigh the other guys down. By 2011, you can also bet on seeing a proposal to reduce the paid recruiting visits each kid's allowed to three. It'll be touted as a way to save money, but the real intent will be to make kids from outside SEC territory less likely to take visits there. Mike Slive and the conference's presidents better be ready to fight at the next few NCAA conventions. Why should the Pac-10's desire to save 40 grand be imposed on SEC teams that don't need to?

I was fairly stunned to learn that Teddy Dupay's sentence for felony aggravated assault and a pair of misdemeanors came to thirty days in jail. The report on the damage Dupay did to the woman he attacked was sickening. Whatever the prosecution's reasons for accepting a plea bargain, Dupay has largely gotten a free pass here. Hopefully he will take advantage of yet another chance to make something of his post basketball career. It's hard to imagine how Dupay could have squandered this much goodwill in just eight years.

It still looks like the Senior Bowl will move from Mobile, with the latest place floated as a possibility being Jacksonville. Tampa's been linked to it in the past as well. They need to make this happen - it's silly to have a huge event for the future of the top college kids take place in a glorified high school stadium. Put it somewhere with a real NFL training setup that's easily accessible to fans and it'll be better for everyone. Lord knows Jacksonville could use something big in sports between the Gator Bowl and the Players Championship.

Apparently the most dangerous person on the web is Jessica Biel. More links purporting to be photos or videos of her contain viruses or spyware than any other person, according to McAfee. At number five is Jessica Simpson, who allegedly is now dangerous to Tony Romo for other reasons than anything inolving his computer. A report claims she has used a witch to put a hex on Romo to ruin his luck in love and in football. It's in the National Enquirer, so you know it's accurate. Since Romo's team should wreck Tampa Bay in the opener, we'll be able to tell if the spell's working pretty quickly.

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