Friday, August 28, 2009

Long night, short entry

The news that Billy Gillispie had picked up a DUI charge in the early Thursday morning hours surprised absolutely no one. The former Kentucky coach already had two DUIs when they hired him, and one of the issues that kept him from ever signing his contract was reportedly a conflict over any kind of "personal conduct" clauses to deal with stuff like this. I don't care for Gillispie as a person and thought he was ridiculously overhyped for his skills as a basketball coach, but this make me feel sorry for the guy. He's supposedly working on a book and he'll be doing commentary for a website, but Gillispie is the definition of a guy who lives to coach basketball and has nothing else in his life (other than horses and booze). With this arrest, any chance of him getting a head coach spot better than Texas-Pan American ever again is nonexistent. Hopefully someone will keep an eye on Gillispie when the season gets going - he could really get into some trouble this year.

I've noted previously on this blog that I regard Big & Rich's ESPN Gameday "Coming to Your City" tune to be a crime against both music and college football. It appears their horrifying run is over, although we can't say for sure yet. Kenny Chesney is apparently next in line. This doesn't feel like a lot of progress to me.

It's not often that I have a rooting interest in what happens at the movie box office, but this weekend is an exception. They've been running advertisements for "The Final Destination" for several months now - got stuck seeing a few more during the four hour Dolphins-Bucs slog last night. This is the fourth version of the exact same film - someone has a vision of impending disaster that will kill them, successfully avoids the disaster along with around a half dozen others, and then they and everyone who didn't die as scheduled are killed in other gruesome ways one by one. The studio's hoping this version being in 3-D will excite people to come in for an even gorier spectacle (75 minutes long - always the mark of a strong film) than the first three versions. Words can't do justice to how much I want this slice of violence porn to fail miserably. Have a good weekend and I'll see you back here Monday.

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Anonymous said...

That Bucs-Dolphins game last night had to be one of the most craptastic exhibitions of football I've ever seen. Granted, it's just pre-season, but neither team looked remotely competent. You kinda knew Aikman was unimpressed with the veteran Bucs QBs when he said that Freeman should be the starter. The over/under on wins for the Bucs in Vegas is 6 1/2. I think you know which side of that my money is on...