Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good thing this site doesn't have video

The SEC is making billions from their new TV deals, but they still want to squeeze every possible dollar out of people. As a result, the SEC Digital Network has been created and the conference is issuing new media policies. The original plan, which among other things contained a clause that would have eliminated the ability of all student media outlets to cover the games played by their schools, is now being revised. Among their restrictions, the conference also intended to no longer allow any websites to show video from games or press conferences more than 72 hours after the end of the event. Remember though, this sport is played by "student-athletes" for the pure love of competition. Don't you dare suggest anyone pay them a dime! Hopefully the SEC will pull back from some of the ridiculous excesses of this policy, but they are going to do everything they can to get more out of your wallet.

Fifteen ESPN college football gurus, including my buddy Chris Fallica, vote in their weekly power rankings. It's no surprise that UF was a unanimous number one, but some individual opinions stand out. Of particular interest to me is Bruce Feldman's putting Houston at number 20, one spot ahead of Georgia. The Cougars are a good team - they'll probably beat Mississippi State later this year. Better than Georgia, though? Hmmm. Feldman doesn't seem like he's believing in a Joe Cox led team, and I suspect he's correct not to do so. Ivan Maisel has Notre Dame at number eleven - who knew the Hawaii Bowl was the test of greatness? For the record, I think Nevada has a great shot at beating ND in South Bend on the first week of the season.

Speaking of student-athletes, Colorado decided to have one of theirs do a blog of his senior season. Then he made the mistake of actually being honest about something that made the school uncomfortable - can't have that! What shocking revelation did cornerback Ben Burney share? He noted he woke up in bed with a woman. The school edited that part out of his blog, the censored version of which can be seen here, and have since told him he won't be doing any more posts. Apparently the notion of an unmarried 22 year old having female companionship in bed was a little too hot for CU to handle. This from the athletic department of a school located in a place frequently called "The People's Republic of Boulder". The nerve of this kid, actually thinking writing something meant he could express what he felt! Wonderful way for the Buffs to start the season - always a great idea to alienate a senior.

Not that I had high hopes for the Bucs this year to begin with, but the news Antonio Bryant is injured and will miss all of preseason only further diminishes my expectations. There aren't many weapons in the Tampa Bay passing game to begin with, and now the one teams might have feared will be gimpy at best when the season starts and have gotten very little work with whoever the quarterback turns out to be.

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