Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What can Brown do for the NCAA?

When Tennessee signed Bryce Brown, a lot of people wondered how the stud recruit would pass NCAA muster. His "handler" had been selling updates on Brown's recruitment on a website as well as doing a lot of other stuff that people were troubled by. Now, it seems the NCAA may not be on board with Brown being eligible to play for the Vols. I'm not sure how big a deal this will actually be for UT on the field if Brown's not eligible. The word from their camp is that David Oku, another true freshman RB who Fulmer's staff landed and Kiffin's almost lost as a result of the Brown recruitment, has looked much better than the alleged superstar Brown so far. Montario Hardesty gives them a solid senior presence at tailback too. For Lane Kiffin to lose his trophy catch - the one he's trumpeted as proof his inane and immature behavior this spring was a great idea - would be a triumph of karma though.

Ole Miss recently cancelled plans for their program to be involved in a reality show that was supposed to air on Tru TV about the 2009 season. Fear not though, an SEC team has stepped up to carry the reality banner. You're thinking Tennessee, aren't you? No, it's the team coached by The Least Interesting Man in the World, Gene Chizik. Auburn Football: Every Day is coming to CSS this fall. If they actually showed everythig that goes on behind the scenes at Auburn, that would be some must see TV. I imagine this version will be rather sanitized for public consumption.

As you likely know, I'm expecting Tampa Bay to get off to a very slow start this season. Starting safety Tanard Jackson being suspended for four games only makes things worse. He was the rarest of rare items, a player who had been a second day selection yet was also productive during the Jon Gruden era. Jackson becomes a ticking bomb now, as his next screwup will have him out of the NFL altogether for year. It all moves the Bucs a little closer to 4-12 this season.

As a media guy, I don't get the chance to take part in the tailgating rituals most people do on gamedays. I still know what proper tailgate food is all about. Fried chicken, ribs, burgers, brats - these are true gameday cuisine. Now a Georgia alum is trying to convince people that caviar should be on that list as well. Can't say that I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing caviar, but at 235 dollars per quarter pound I recommend sticking with the fried chicken instead.

Oh yeah, Brett Favre's back. To quote Derrick Coleman "Whoopty-damn-do". The most selfish man in team sports for the past half decade strikes again by blowing off training camp and then marching in as the supposed "savior". I hope Aaron Rodgers leads Green Bay to a thirty point win when they see Minnesota.

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Anonymous said...

Right on Heath! Couldn't agree with you more! You know all the teams you mentioned have one thing in common... Tennessee, Auburn, Tampa Bay, UGA, and Minnesota are all going to have disappointing seasons. I do look forward to seeing the amazing Peterson/Harvin combo offense ruined by Brett's 2/1 INT to TD ratio. Todd