Monday, August 17, 2009

Think 60 Minutes will want JB full time?

James Brown's interview of Michael Vick was an even bigger disappointment than I though it would be. Brown did an awful job - we don't know a single thing about Vick's role in the dogfighting that we didn't before the interview. When did it start? Was it his idea, or one of his posse member's? Was it a year round thing, or an offseason hobby? Killing dogs who've lost or aren't working out as fighters is one thing, but why did Vick and his guys torture them rather than just shoot them? There were dozens of questions that could have been asked. Instead, we got repeated shots of JB nodding his head mixed around "I'm sorry" platitudes from Vick. Maybe Michael Vick really has learned something from his prison experience. Hopefully someone will do an interview that gives me the chance to see some evidence of that, because other than his admission he was a lazy player for the Falcons who never put in enough work there was nothing noteworthy last night.

It's completely unsurprising that the NFL eagerly put Eagles Vick jerseys up for sale on their website at 79.99 each before he'd even taken a practice snap with the team. I just wonder what kind of person is actually buying them. He's accomplished nothing for Philly, so if you're an Eagle fan you'd presumably want Brian Westbrook or Donovan McNabb instead. Vick wasn't a top quarterback - 20th rated passer in the NFL during his last season - so there shouldn't be too many huge fans of his play. Falcon fans should be bitter about what he did to their team, not buying his new jersey. So who is buying them, and what makes them want to do so?

The only major news that ever comes out of the first week of preseason games is from the injuries. Rex Grossman's had some bad luck with those in preseason before, and in his first series as a Texan it happened again. Grossman was on his fifth play of the game when he hurt his hamstring. It would have been interesting to see if Grossman could beat out Dan Orlovsky for the backup spot in Houston, but now that he's going to miss the whole preseason that idea can be put to bed. Hopefully it won't cost him the spot on Houston's roster altogether.

As I was driving back from Tampa to Columbia Sunday, one of the things I listened to was Bob Dylan's "Theme Time Radio Hour" on XM satellite radio (my rental car had it). It would appear two Long Branch, NJ police officers are not only unfamiliar with that program, but even with the very existence of Bob Dylan. I can see not recognizing the face right away, but how far under a rock do you have to have been to still not know who Dylan is when he tells you he's in town on tour?

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Anonymous said...

I think JB did an OK job with the Vick interview. Vick's handlers would never allow him to go into detail about his past crimes because it would not do anything to help him get fully reinstated back into the league.