Monday, September 28, 2009

May have more later

Florida's crushing of Kentucky became an irrelevant sideshow the second Tim Tebow went down with an injury. It was pretty clear from the time he left the field that it was a concussion, which doctors have since verified. Having a bye week is a gigantic asset for UF, since they can get Tebow a week of rest with no consequences at all as well as heal up overall from the flu epidemic. I suspect Tebow will play in Baton Rouge, but if LSU doesn't play better than they have this year I don't see any reason why UF couldn't get a victory with John Brantley under center as well.

My visit to Blacksburg for Virginia Tech's thumping of Miami was a good one. My friend had lined up club seats for us, which meant we were able to see some of the other games while waiting for ours to start. When we walked in and saw USF was leading FSU 14-0, I honestly couldn't believe it. Watching from that point, I saw an offense that didn't appear to know what they're purpose was. Poor blocking, curious playcalling, guys not making plays that were available - it was all there. Bobby Bowden may feel this kind of explanation is good enough for his school's fans, but considering FSU has lost their last four games at home against D-1 teams I don't think so. As for what I saw on the field in Blacksburg, VT has got to ease up on playing the gobbling turkey sound effect when they're trying to fire up the crowd. It makes you want to laugh more than it does prompt noise making. All of a suddden the Hokies are number six with only one ranked team the rest of the year. Not saying they'll capitalize, but there's a great chance they could be in the BCS title game if they win out (which they probably won't).

Tampa Bay's performance against the Giants was every bit the pathetic display I anticipated going into it. I've gotten a couple of emails over the past months asking why I've been ripping the Bucs. I assure you it's not something I relish doing, but I'm honest about what I see. With the schedule this team has, I expected it to get off to a dreadful start. It has lived down to my expectations and will keep on doing so. At least someone in Florida has finally won a game thanks to Jacksonville.

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