Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Western Michigan is about to be really lucky or really sorry

Rich Rodriguez hasn't been having the best luck lately. There was the embarassment of having to kick a player he recruited off his team when it turned out his coke deal gone bad led to an arson attempt at a Michigan dorm. There's the recent accusation of rampant violations of the 20 hour a week rule. What could possibly be the cherry on top of that sundae? How's a 3.9 million dollar lawsuit over a real estate deal gone bad sound? Oh, that's not a big enough conundrum for you? What if I throw in that his partner on the deal was a booster who's been banned from the Clemson program multiple times, including while Rodriguez worked at the school? That same guy now faces five felony counts. Sounds like Rich is a tremendous judge of character. How happy is Alabama that this guy changed his mind after originally taking their job in 2006?

The Tampa Bay Lightning once had a guy go to prison as a result of an an attempted scam about partial ownership of the team. The guy, who was convicted of wire fraud and conspiracy, was actually an English duke. After eventually getting a competent owner and even winning a Stanley Cup, the team was sold again. Now it's apparently back to the good old days of scam artist owners with no money, as Len Barrie will reportedly be forced out thanks to being uncooperative with his co-owner and now being accused of financial chicanery. This crap never happens in other leagues - it's practically routine in the NHL. How does Gary Bettman keep his job?'s efforts to get the coaches to reveal their top 25 ballots through public records requests bear fruit again, as Andy Staples gets Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman's ballot - sort of. It's not actually his vote, but rather the list his SID gave him to vote from on the phone. Did Sherman follow the list? He thinks "he stayed close" to it, according to the A&M SID. Great - Sherman himself isn't sure about his vote, but it would count in the BCS process. How did we ever get stuck with a system this stupid?

Remember how last season ESPN was playing AC/DC all the time as music in and out of breaks during college football games, especially "Thunderstruck"? Get ready for a more mellow alternative this year, as the Dave Matthews Band has done a deal with the network for the same thing. They just came out with an album a few months ago, but it's not clear if something off of that will be the music being played incessantly. Kenny Chesney's Gameday song remains unaffected by this - what a relief.

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