Wednesday, September 23, 2009

With the fourth pick, Tampa Bay selects...

Tampa Bay is in big trouble, as Jermaine Phillips is suddenly done for the year thanks to a thumb injury. Originally the word had been 6-8 weeks missed, which would have been bad enough. They still have no Tanard Jackson for two more weeks, and the Dallas radio team was talking during their Sunday night broadcast about how many blown assignments the Bucs secondary had when they had seen them the week before. Phillips is a solid, versatile player. Tampa Bay has very few of those these days, so you hate to lose one. Maybe they can get Eric Berry.

So the big news from last night's edition number two of "Joe Buck Live" was that Curt Schilling isn't going to run for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat. What a shock - his possible candidacy seemed so well thought out and he had such a keen grasp of the issues. No Artie Lange meant very little attention for Buck's return to HBO, but he apparently has been told to give the attempted comedy stuff a rest and just talk sports. Buck's just not Bob Costas, no matter how much some people would like for him to be.

I'm glad to see the College Football Hall of Fame is going to be moved from South Bend to Atlanta. If you aren't a Fighting Irish fan, there are zero reasons you would ever go to north Indiana on vacation. Atlanta is more convenient and has every bit as much college football passion as any place in the USA. When the Hall is set up there, I will have to go check it out.

One of the curiosities about NCAA rules has been the way MLB prospects are allowed to have "advisers" who are actually agents involved in their process of deciding whether to sign with pro baseball. A kid from Oklahoma State actually beat the NCAA in court after they tried to punish him for having a lawyer represent him during negotiations. The NCAA hates losing, so suddenly it appears a crackdown on "advisers" is beginning. Keep in mind that the NCAA only allows 11.7 scholarships per team, so almost no one gets a full ride. Despite that, they want to act like kids who could potentially make six figures to leave are doing something wrong by considering such a thing.

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