Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UF-Boise for the title - gee, that sounds reasonable

This year's college football championship picture may have more flaws than usual. If Texas win out and plays the winner of Florida/Alabama, everything will be fine. Otherwise, we're in line for a major mess. Don't believe me? How does Iowa being ranked number two by the average of the four available current computer rankings grab you? Boise State is NUMBER FIVE in the polls, despite not having wins anywhere near as good as fellow non-BCS teams Houston or TCU. With no one of consequence remaining on Boise's schedule, how will they get moved down to make way for more deserving teams, many of which would destroy them on a neutral field? Are we going to have to pretend Boise is a top ten team forever because of their gimmick plays to win the Fiesta Bowl three years ago? The whole setup is just ridiculous.

Florida basketball's going to pick up a nice player today with Casey Prather committing. I really like what I've heard about this kid, particularly that he's athletic and has good length while also having shooting ability. The obvious and unfair comparison will be made to Corey Brewer because he's from Tennessee, but that's irrelevant. UF has got to get more athletic on D than they have been lately, and Prather appears to be a guy who will help them do that.

Miami trading for Tyler Thigpen yesterday probably didn't fire anyone up too much, but I really like this move for them. I've followed Thigpen since his college days at Coastal Carolina, and he's got the tools to be a good NFL QB. Whether he replaces Pat White as the preferred option for the Wildcat package or not, Thigpen is a viable starter with decent experience considering how young his career is. Developing Chad Henne will continue to be the focal point of the Dolphins offensive plans for the rest of the season, but if he struggles it wouldn't shock me to see the team consider Thigpen seriously as a future starting QB.

Binghamton basketball is not a subject I would ordinarily write about, but the program is undergoing a public meltdown the likes of which we haven't seen since Baylor. This makes the St. Bonaventure fiasco look good. Last week six players were kicked off their team after a star guard was charged with dealing crack. Yesterday, word came down that in a brilliant PR move the university had fired the lecturer who blew the whistle on being pressured by the school's athletic department to change grades for basketball players. How bad has it gotten at Binghamton? The city zoo's business manager wrote a letter objecting to people calling the basketball program a zoo because it's unfair to the zoo's reputation. Amongst the better lines: "No otter knocks over old ladies to shoplift condoms." Ouch - that'll leave a mark.

I've seen some interesting items autographed by sports figures before, but I can't remember coming across an autographed sandwich before. NBA top draft choice Blake Griffin evidently signed a turkey and cheese panini, which is on EBay for bid at $123.50 as of this writing. No word on whether it comes with a pickle or not.

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