Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some people have no shame

It's Florida week in Knoxville, but Lane Kiffin is busy cleaning up after the UCLA mess right now. The coach now says Tennessee players who haven't been practicing due to injuries won't play. Turns out when the doctors say something will take six weeks to heal, they might know more than Kiffin or Coach O about how that process works. What I find amusing is that Kiffin has made quarterback Jonathan Crompton unavailable to the media all week to "avoid distractions". A gag order on Crompton is definitely what was needed - just imagine if he said something stupid which fired the Florida players or crowd up!

The PR push has begun for onetime scourge of the Florida football program Tank Black's book. It appears the corrupt former agent's trying to convince people that what he did wasn't really all that bad, drawing a comparison of himself to Martha Stewart. That would make perfect sense, if Stewart had wound up costing numerous individuals she worked for all their assets while also being linked to money laundering by a drug dealer. My personal favorite part of Black's book website is the quote...

"Tank will never sell his integrity. Just as importantly, Tank Black will never rent, share, or sell his subscriber list."

Yes, that does seem roughly as important. Talk to Fred Taylor sometime about Tank's integrity.

How bad are things for Virginia football right now? Bad enough that the Cavalier mascot falling off his horse before their most recent game wasn't even in the top five most embarassing things to happen this year. It's gotten so ugly already that the student paper is calling for UVA women to give the cold shoulder to all the men on the team so that the guys will eventually get angry and play better. The only place which might be worse is Colorado, where the nightmare scenario is that Dan Hawkins's team performs as horribly all year as they already have. The school can't fire him because they can't afford to. That should make for some great recruiting this year.

The spin on Ohio State's two most recent losses to high profile teams has been that they were at least competitive with Texas and USC. They were, but the writer of the Smart Football blog makes a very persuasive case that they should have been much more than that. You're not likly to see any coach's offensive approach more thoroughly vivisected than Jim Tressel's is in that piece. Whether you agree with his argument or not, the Buckeyes have got to begin more effectively utilizing Terrelle Pryor at some point. His physical tools are unquestioned, but the decision making and accuracy on downfield throws has just not been there.

Unlike some celebrity deaths this year, Patrick Swayze's had been anticipated. The actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and the reports had been very clear from the beginning that he had little time left. Swayze was never an Academy Award contending kind of guy, but his resume of memorable films is pretty extraordinary. Red Dawn, Road House and Point Break may be cheesy, but they're incredibly beloved and quotable guy movies. Meanwhile, women still know Ghost and especially Dirty Dancing by heart. That's quite a legacy in a business where the clock on your relevance is always ticking. R.I.P. to the man who gave us immortal lines like "Pain don't hurt".

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