Monday, May 24, 2010

Bulls and chickens

Florida wound up winning the SEC baseball championship Friday night. Both games between them and South Carolina were tight, well played affairs. While either side would have liked to have won this series, the reality is both will judge their season by whether they're in Omaha next month. You don't have to win it, but when you're a national seed (as Florida will be and South Carolina also likely is) that's the standard you have to meet. Based on my firsthand look at both teams, I think there's an excellent chance they're both there.

Has any team had as radical a shift in their fortunes in one playoffs as the Orlando Magic without there being some obvious explanation like injuries? Two sweeps to start things, including three dominant wins in round two, and now likely to be swept themselves by a Boston team seeded lower than them. It's nothing short of bizarre how poorly they've played. These whole playoffs have been a giant letdown thus far - almost no one's shown any fight at all with the exception of the Hawks winning the last two (as the higher seeded squad) against Milwaukee and the Suns last night. Hopefully Boston and L.A. will give us a classic because nothing else can redeem this postseason.

Can't say that I've ever understood what the supposed thrill of bullfighting is. It's not like it's a fair fight - the picadors have already done so much damage to the animal that the matador has a huge advantage. Every now and then though, the bulls still pick up a moral victory since there are no outright wins for them. Over the weekend we saw the best performance by a bull since Jordan. Be warned - the picture at that link may be tough for you to look at. I'm glad the matador will apparently live, but put one on the board for El Toro.

If you're a fan of Chick-fil-A, as I am, you enjoy their chicken sandwich. They're breaking a new one out next week, a spicy version, and they're giving people a chance to try it free. in case you haven't heard about that, I figured I'd pass it along to you should you wish to sign up and try one. I'll probably stick with the original sandwich, but I'll at least give this one a try.

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