Wednesday, May 5, 2010

UGA couldn't handle the hype even when they were actually good

For the past four months, there have been rumors that John Calipari might be a candidate for an NBA job this summer. The speculation has largely revolved around the idea LeBron James wants Calipari to be his hand selected coach, much like what Kobe attempted to have with Coach K a few years ago. Now a new possibility has emerged, with Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reporting that Calipari is interested in the open Chicago Bulls job. While Calipari does have the previous relationship with Derrick Rose which might make him appealing, I doubt the Bulls would make that move. I also don't think this is necessarily a job Calipari wants. That's because Wojnarowski, who's a very solid reporter, also notes in his story that sources say Calipari "hasn't connected" with Kentucky administrators. Gee, two days after a story with quotes from UK's president criticizing Cal's team's embarassing academic performance hits the paper suddenly he's "not connecting" with the administration. Warning shot, anyone? And just in case he does decide to bail, Calipari's now set up UK officials as the bad guys responsible for his departure. Whatever anyone may think of the man, he's definitely not dumb.

Can someone explain why so many media people are jumping on Georgia's bandwagon suddenly? Tony Barnhart has them second in the SEC East, Mark Schlabach of ESPN has them as his number 20 team coming out of spring, and now College Football News has them as division champs and the second BCS team from the SEC. This is a team with no experience at QB and possibly a true freshman as the backup. Other than A.J. Green, no receivers stand out. They lost their best defender in Rennie Curran and are completely revamping their defensive scheme. Why exactly would anyone anticipate this being a ten win (minimum likely needed for BCS at large spot) kind of team? Am I missing something?

The ongoing controversy over the Arizona immigration law will take to the court tonight in the NBA, with the Phoenix Suns wearing jerseys that say "Los Suns" for tonight's matchup with San Antonio. (Wouldn't it make more sense to say "Los Sols"?) While MLB and the NBA have taken public stances on the matter, the BCS hasn't yet. Since this year's championship game is slated to be played in Glendale, ESPN's Ivan Maisel asked BCS chairman Bill Hancock what their position was. Hancock said they were committed to the idea that everyone deserves an equal shot at prosperity.... no, just kidding. It's the BCS - as long as they're going to get paid they're fine with it and have no intention of rocking the boat.

Got a chance to check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame yesterday in Charlotte. It was the first time I'd ever been to a single sport's Hall of Fame, since they tend to be located in out of the way locations. For the NASCAR hall to succeed, it needs to bring in casual fans as well as the diehards who would've come even if the museum was in Walla Walla, Washington. I think they've done as good a job of trying to balance reverence for the sport while still appealing to the non-fanatic as is possible. The venue opens next Tuesdsay, with the first induction on the 23rd. There are still some kinks to work out, but if you're in the area and interested I believe it will be worth your time and twenty dollars.

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