Friday, May 14, 2010

LeBron was one turnover away from a quadruple double - don't see that everyday

Boston finishing off Cleveland last night made me happy because I'm a Celtics fan, but the media barely noticed them advancing to the Eastern conference finals. Instead all the discussion was about LeBron James and whether he will leave Cleveland or not. If he does take off (and I seem to be one of the few people who still thinks he'll stay in the end), I hope it's to anywhere other than New York. The NYC media has been obsessed with the idea of James to the Knicks for years, and seems to have regarded the last couple of seasons primarily as inconvenient delays in his ascension to King of the City status. I'd enjoy seeing them start having to tout Chris Bosh as a world changer instead. With James done, maybe we can actually get ESPN and national NBA types to focus on the games rather than what might happen eventually in free agency. There are always going to be some people more worried about whether LeBron and Kobe will ever meet in the Finals than anything else though.

Ole Miss has agreed to host Boise State for their 2011 season opener. I wish they were going to play this year, but when they do Ole Miss will beat them. Do you know how many wins Boise State has against BCS conference programs on the road in their entire history? One - they beat Oregon two years ago in Eugene. It appears likely Boise State will be ranked third in the country when the season starts, with only Alabama and Ohio State ahead of them. That will be ridiculous if it does occur, but media people love this story for some reason. Utah's gone undefeated twice in the past six years and won BCS bowls in dominant fashion as opposed to on a trick play two point try in overtime. No one put them in the top five to start the next year, yet the cute little blue field team is about to do just that. The Broncos are good but a total fraud as a top ten team, and if they somehow get to the national title game by beating Virginia Tech in DC and Oregon State in Boise plus ten nobodies they will be destroyed.

We just got done with the controversy over AP having a revote for Brian Cushing's defensive rookie of the year award, but there's another big one brewing. Within the next couple of weeks we should finally get the word on what the NCAA has determined regarding USC football's violations during Pete Carroll's era. If they rule Reggie Bush was ineligible during the 2005 season, which he apparently was, there will be a movement to strip him of his Heisman Trophy. I'm fine with that - if he wasn't supposed to be playing, he obviously shouldn't have won the award - but I hope the Heisman isn't going to be awarded to second place vote getter Vince Young five years later. Beauty pageants need someone to be Miss Vidalia Onion and show up at events all year, so they have to elevate a backup if the winner doesn't work out. There's no need for that to happen with an award, and while Vince likely would have won the vote had Bush not been eligible it would be wrong to assume that for sure. Tell USC to give back Bush's statue, take him off the winners list, and move on.

If you've got a few million bucks burning a hole in your pocket, the Field of Dreams is for sale. It's pretty wild to think that substantial numbers of people are still going out of their way to travel to the set of a movie that was made before Law and Order came on the air. It's not like Kevin Costner or James Earl Jones will be hanging around for you to talk with. It's a reflection of how much the film touched people who watched it and thought about their relationships with their fathers. As for Law and Order, reports yesterday had it cancelled after twenty years on air. That may be true, although negotiations supposedly will continue. The producer wants at least one more season to set a record for most consecutive years of a scripted show airing. I don't see how that really applies to Law and Order when none of the current cast members were there for the first three seasons and all but two of them have been on the program less than three years. If NBC kept something called Friends on the air after the original cast left with six new people living in New York apartments and hanging out together, it wouldn't have been the same show. Why is L&O any different?

I'll be on the road this weekend visiting my family in Tampa. I don't anticipate that delaying Monday's blog but you never know. Anything I find interesting between now and then will be in the Twitter feed @heathradio . Hope you have a great weekend.

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