Monday, May 3, 2010

I was sure Demarcus Cousins was going to med school

Kentucky basketball wanted to be relevant again at all costs, and hiring john Calipari got them there. Now it's time for the other part of the deal to begin coming into focus. Calipari's Wildcats compiled the program's worst GPA in over seven years and have the worst grades of any UK athletic program. Two freshmen were in the 1.6 range. This is what you get when you field a team of one and done guys who don't give a damn about their education or your university. What's even more amusing is that Calipari had bragged about his team's academic performance earlier in the season - maybe he thinks this is good.

It was cool to be at Quail Hollow covering Rory McIlroy putting on a show yesterday. The 20 year old shot a course record 62 on the way to winning his first PGA Tour event, and handled himself tremendously well afterward. He signed a ton of autographs for the fans, then came in and faced questions comparing him to Tiger Woods (in a good way) with humor and grace. Hopefully he'll be able to maintain the enthusiasm for the game and the experience around it going forward rather than losing it the way Woods indicates he did the past few years. I'm glad I got to see McIlroy's first win, but there will be plenty more to follow.

The weirdest story of the weekend was the former security director for the New Orleans Saints filing a suit against the team alleging he was pushed out because of refusing to cover up the theft of pills from the team's supply of the painkiller Vicodin. He names two "senior officials" as getting the drug improperly in his suit, with one of them reportedly being head coach Sean Payton. The team's linebacker coach is the other official, and he's the one accused of the theft while Payton supposedly didn't have a diagnosis meriting him receiving Vicodin. None of us on the outside can know the facts on this, but I find it hard to believe a former FBI agent made this all up out of the air. It does look like Payton's name was dragged into it to make the potential PR damage from a lawsuit bigger and thus possibly increase a settlement offer. The team says this is all untrue and that they'll defend themselves against it in court, but it has the potential to be a big distraction for the defending champs.

The totally unnecessary Nightmare on Elm Street remake made 32 million dollars at the box office this weekend, meaning there will probably be more useless sequels to it. The strip mining of Eighties classics for remakes is about to take a really bad turn if the reports about Real Genius being redone are accurate. There are some movies that are of their time and should not be messed with. That was definitely one of them. There's also talk of a Commando remake. Without Arnold, there is no Commando. I know there are people in Hollywood writing new scripts. is there some reason no one will actually read one of them?

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