Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rich Rodriguez - still sharp as a bowling ball

College baseball has never been something I particularly enjoy, but tonight will be different. Florida visits South Carolina for the start of a three game set that will determine who the SEC Champs are. I've covered regionals, and when there's something on the line it adds a lot to the atmosphere. Both teams are sure regional hosts and likely national seeds, but there's still something about being able to celebrate a championship that will make it special even though there are bigger fish to fry down the line. South Carolina coach Ray Tanner says he can't remember ever being in a scenario like this before where one showdown series decides it all - should be fun.

It's not exactly a secret that pro athletes have access to lots of women. Every now and then someone comes along and chooses to be a little more specific about just how that happens. The latest to do that is Kansas City wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, who decided to share details with ESPN the Magazine about how Chiefs veterans "had it set up so there was a girl in every room" when the team went to San Diego his rookie year. I'm sure all the married guys on the team will be thrilled to see Bowe the next time he strolls into the locker room. Even if they didn't do anything wrong, every guy with any kind of serious relationship now has to deal with suspicion. What could possibly go through someone's mind that would make him think sharing this was a good idea?

Big Ten coaches want to have official football recruiting visits in the month of June. That's an idea that they tried to push before and got shot down, and Rich Rodriguez, PI has why all figured out...

“Maybe it didn’t pass because if you compare visiting way down south in June (to) Ann Arbor in June, they might rather be in Ann Arbor, right?”

The Weather Channel forecast for Ann Arbor six of the next nine days is for a high between 80 and 84 - the lowest high forecast is 73. The forecast high for Miami each of the next nine days is 85 degrees. Yes, Rich, clearly southern schools are scared that kids will fall in love with the 2-3 degree cooler temperatures if they visit in summer. And if recruits don't come when it's 26 degrees and snowing in January, they'll never hear about it. Honestly, it's like this guy tries to sound stupid sometimes.

The New York Post reports Floyd Mayweather is a huge fan of A-1 steak sauce, to the point that his entourage carries a bottle of it at all times in case a restaurant doesn't have it. The claim is made that he puts it on everything, including cereal, which sounds fairly repulsive. The paper ignores the obvious problem, which is that Mayweather orders his steaks well done. Going to a high end Vegas steak house and ordering your meat charred to a crisp is like having Elton John play Chopsticks on the piano. The A-1 thing also reminds me of one of Kwame Brown's embarrassing rookie foibles. He went to a French restaurant with a veteran Wizards teammate and was outraged to learn they didn't have French dressing. After that, Brown carried around a bottle of the dressing with him the rest of the year - one can only imagine what would have happened had Kwame been hungry for French toast.

Tennessee hopes they have their quarterback of the future in Tyler Bray. Lane Kiffin stole Bray away from San Diego State, and the true freshman is expected to begin this year as backup for Matt Simms, but will likely have a chance to play this fall. Hopefully for the Vols, his decisions as a quarterback on the field will be better than his decisions in personal body art. If there's a more embarrassing tattoo in college football this season, I fervently hope I will not see it.

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