Thursday, June 17, 2010

Could we at least try making sense?

After Chip Brown of cleaned everyone's clock on the Big 12 potential implosion story, others are trying to get into the action. The Lawrence Journal-World claims Jerry Jones wants the Big 12 to add his alma mater Arkansas and Notre Dame to form what the paper claims would be "the most compelling conference in the history of college football". That assertion alone tells you how stupid this is. No one is leaving the SEC, and Arkansas certainly wouldn't do so for a Big 12 that is almost guaranteed to fall apart within seven years. As for Notre Dame, if the Big Ten can't lure them with big money and the Big East can't despite all their other sports playing there, what would possibly sway them to the Big 12? Fortunately some people in Big 12 media are making sense, with the Oklahoman's Berry Tramel pointing out it will be almost impossible for a ten team Big 12 to fill the bowl slots it's contractually committed to.

Golf's US Open commences today, with the all Tiger all the time media drumbeat having cooled off as a result of his poor play since the Masters. Pebble Beach is expected to be both beautiful and tough as the golfers hit it this week. Even though it's at one of the most celebrated American courses, this year's event seems to have kind of snuck up on people. If you're looking for a golfer worth rooting for, Erik Compton's story is worth your time. I'll go with Dustin Johnson as my pick in a year that's seen a lot of younger players emerge.

Watching ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary June 17, 1994 last night was fascinating. It was like getting in a time machine to my first summer working at WRUF as a student sportscaster. That was the day of the infamous O.J. white Bronco slow speed chase, among so many other things. Marvin Harrison is nowhere near as much of a national figure as O.J. was, but he's likely a Hall of Famer. The Former Colts wide receiver continues to be linked to a 2008 shooting, and now there may be a noteworthy break in the case. Considering all the debate about what role character should play in Hall of Fame status prompted by O.J. and Lawrence Taylor, Harrison may wind up being the test case for future guys.

One of the things I have always loved about radio is the ability to pick up certain faraway stations at night. I know that we've reached the point where I can stream stations from all over the world on my laptop (and if I want to spend the money to get a better model, my cel phone as well). That's not the same as the fun of being in your car driving down the highway at night and being able to listen to an LSU game on 870 WWL out of New Orleans or an angry fan from Queens calling 660 WFAN in New York. For a lot of the 90s, if I was in my car at night on a weekday I would be tuned into 1510 WLAC out of Nashville for the nightly sports talk show hosted by Bob Bell and Bill King. Bell died this week at the age of 73. He was an unquestioned Tennessee fan who was very "old school" in his opinions, and King (now on Rivals Radio) was the younger guy who was really into football recruiting coverage before the internet took over that beat. It wasn't too similar to the show I do, but it was interesting to hear a Tennessee perspective with a caller base coming from all over the southeast. R.I.P., Mr. Bell.

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