Friday, June 18, 2010

New endorsement: "Ron Artest here for thorazine"

Boston had their chances at an NBA Championship, but it didn't work out. Too much one on one play from Paul Pierce, not enough making of shots by Ray Allen and no Kendrick Perkins got them in the end. Ron Artest thanking his psychiatrist during a rambling, incoherent response to a question about scoring on a night where Kobe struggled from the field will wind up being the thing I remember most from a poorly played overall series. Now we'll begin the nonstop free agency scrutiny - hopefully things will unfold quickly rather than dragging out for weeks on the top players.

Thanks to expansion mania, now everyone in the Texas state government apparently thinks they're some sort of power player in college athletics. How else can you explain a group of 26 legislators trying to throw their weight around to get Houston a spot in the Big 12? That would be the same program that plays its games in a 32 thousand seat stadium and would add not a single media market of any kind to the conference. Sure, guys, with a package like that to offer there's no way the conference could say no! Other legislators want a TCU program that sold out its first game in a quarter century last season to get a slot. Before all this crap dies down, someone going to try and put Odessa's Permian High in the conference.

Hank Haney may not have Tiger Woods as a pupil any longer, but that doesn't mean he's done working with top talent. He'll try and improve Rush Limbaugh's game for his next Golf Channel reality show. Apparently everything Rush hits goes left. Things didn't turn out so well for Ray Romano or Charles Barkley when they did this - without his Tiger status to lean on, Haney's reality show future may be in Rush's hands.

There are many reasons guys choose to enter the NBA Draft early. Some want to take care of their family. Others are simply tired of school. Most don't do it because they lost a bet. That's what a Tennessee freshman did, and like John Wall he now appears on the early entry list despite the fact he doesn't even play college basketball. What I think is absurd about this is that last year Mark Titus, the Ohio State walkon of Club Trillion fame, was told he had to remove his name by the NBA because he would be making a mockery of the draft. Apparently a Big Ten player who might have written something funny on the internet was too tough to deal with, but a guy being on the list as a joke is fine. Just how thin is that skin, David Stern?

I'm off to Omaha for the College World Series tomorrow. It's a pretty wide open field, although I'll be surprised if an experienced Arizona State team doesn't make a pretty strong splash on South Carolina's side. I'll be writing for where possible in addition to my daily shows for 107.5 the Game. Not sure what the circumstances will be with regards to internet access, so if it turns out that I miss blog days for whatever reason I apologize. One way or other, I will update the Twitter feed periodically @heathradio if you feel like following along.

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The Ron Artest Interactive Fan Experience said...

Say whatever you want about TCU's "sell outs". Their football revenues are greater than existing PAC-10 and B12 programs (w/o the associated conference TV revenue). They just played in the Fiesta Bowl and just won their opening CWS game (which unless they find a way to clone Purke might be their only win until he pitches again). Oh, and by the way, their endowment would be the next biggest in the SEC behind Vandy and they play in the country's fourth biggest media market (granted, one that's already in B12 country). And, in general, this is a squeaky clean program that's run "the right way". While not quite Nebraska (at least in football from '95 back) this would *definitely* be an upgrade from Colorado for the B12. Houston would be an interesting addition for the B12. Yeah, Robertson only holds 30,000 or so but in the Andre Ware hey-day days they sold out the Astrodome (both for football *and* basketball). And Summlin is doing some interesting things with that program. But I doubt the B12 wants to reassemble the majority of the already failed SWC. That said, I don't know why the B12 doesn't eject ISU or Baylor and add TCU.