Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wonder what it would have looked like if Tebow went to the Patriots?

The Glazer family was willing to spend money freely when they took over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the past two years, we've seen them move away from that trend, hiring an unprepared assistant as a head coach without even interviewing anyone else when they fired Jon Gruden and failing to sign any free agents of consequence. Whether they like it or not, the continuing questions about their financial status will only get louder after a British report that the family is now 1.6 billion dollars in debt and has borrowed 95 million against the Bucs franchise. It's one thing for a team to say it's building with young guys, but when you're not taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the absence of a salary cap to secure some of that talent for the long term the explanation doesn't hold up very well.

Bryce Harper, the supposed "LeBron of baseball", was chosen by the Washington Nationals in last night's draft with the first overall pick as had been anticipated. Maybe he'll turn out to be everything he's supposed to be and more, but i'm skeptical about the kid's attitude. Watching ESPN's piece on him by Rachel Nichols I learned that Harper aspires to hit .430. He wants to be a Hall of Famer. Harper wants lots of things, none of which ever involved a single team accomplishment of any kind. Considering this is the guy who bailed on high school two years early to go JUCO and head to the bigs as quickly as possible, I wonder if he has any appreciation for the value of a team at all. Now Harper's going to have insane amounts of money regardless of what happens. That's not likely to improve that mindset any. Maybe he's so talented nothing else matters, but I'm glad it's not my team that will be counting on that being the case.

When I was working in Jacksonville there were some people who insisted on wearing "Jagator" gear. I never understood what the need was to combine the two, since they were playing on different days in completely different leagues. No one questions your loyalty to one for also being a fan of the other. The whole thing just seemed pointless and odd. Now there's something that makes it seem comparatively reasonable: Broncogator.com. When I saw this I hoped it was a joke, but the guy seems to be serious. If people really want shirts and hats with a logo which appears to be an alligator that's been set on fire, that's their business I guess. I'm no trademark law attorney, but this seems dubious to me on that front as well.

The idea of paying for the privilege of being in the same building as celebrities holds zero appeal for me, but there are those who apparently get joy from it. If you want to spend big bucks to pretend there's a chance you might wind up chatting with Kim Kardashian, be my guest. What does amaze me is that there was someone who thought it would be a great idea to pay Michael Vick to "host" a party in south Florida. In the least surprising development since Brett Favre reconsidered his latest retirement talk, Vick took the money and then no-showed. Exactly why would anyone have wanted to "party" with a dog murdering moron who wasted his incredible physical gifts even if he'd showed up remains unclear.

The ongoing debate over the Arizona immigration law continues, with lots of different groups threatening economic boycotts. Call me crazy, but if a movement for the city of Los Angeles to refuse to spend money in Arizona didn't faze them I'm guessing Hall and Oates refusing to perform after a Diamondbacks game probably won't be the deal breaker either. The guys have every right to their political convictions, but when your main performing venues these days are state fairs and casinos it's pretty hard to take gestures like this too seriously. This does give me a reason to post a link to one of the goofier videos anyone did during the duo's 80s heyday though. If you can figure out what the hell is going on in the "Adult Education" clip, you're way ahead of me.

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